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High Speed Industrial Roller Shutter Door

High Speed Industrial Roller Shutter Door
High Speed Industrial Roller Shutter Door
High Speed Industrial Roller Shutter Door
High Speed Industrial Roller Shutter Door
High Speed Industrial Roller Shutter Door
High Speed Industrial Roller Shutter Door
High Speed Industrial Roller Shutter Door
High Speed Industrial Roller Shutter Door
High Speed Industrial Roller Shutter Door

Why choose the High Speed Industrial Roller Shutter Doors?

Our High Speed Industrial Roller Shutters Doors are ideal when you are trying to reduce heat loss with a high volume of traffic going through the door.  The advantage of a High Speed Shutter over a High Speed Curtain, is the shutter can provide a fast acting solution, but can also provide Security 24hrs a day.   The 100mm insulated laths provide a higher level of security and provide a Slat insulation value of 0.553W(m2K). These 100mm Insulated Steel Shutters go up to 7m wide and 7m high, with a maximum area of 49m2. Tested to wind class 5. The slats are also available with 200mm x 55mm clear perspex Vision Slats, ideal for Pedestrian and Vehicle traffic.

The High Speed Insulated Steel Industrial Doors are powered using the GFA High Speed Direct Drive motor, which comes with a 2 year warranty on the motors and controls. The direct-drive motor bolts onto the outside of the endplate, direct to the axle assembly, which is more reliable than the inboard motors. The standard GFA motors will provide up to 30 movements per hour. The High Speed motors are only available 3 Phase (415V).   The motor limits are digital and can be adjusted at low level on the control panel. We also have a large of controls and sensors for example Radar Sensors for Fork Lift Traffic, Traffic Lights and Safety devices.

The High Speed Industrial Roller Shutters Doors comes Galvanised Finish as standard.   These roller shutters can be Powder Coated any BS or RAL colour to match your colour scheme.  

Key Features
ApplicationIndustrial, Warehouses
Product RatingHigh
Lath TypesInsulated
Electric Operation3 Phase (415V)
Max Width7000mm
Max Height - Electric7000mm
Box & Guides - Standard FinishGalvanised
Curtain - Standard FinishGalvanised
Lead Times15 working days

The Galvanised Steel Laths are Double skin, Insulated for Heat and Sound Insulation.  Punched Window Laths are an additional cost.   Galvanised finish as standard.

100mm High Lath 
  •  Heat Transmission - 1.5 W/M2K)
  • Wind Class 5
  •  Max Width - 12000mm
  • Max Area - 72m2
  • Available 3 Phase Operation
  • Vision Laths available


Industrial Doors come with a universal steel side end plates.  The end plates are pre-drilled for different motors and motor configurations.   As standard the industrial roller shutters, don't come with a Shutter hood, this is available at an extra cost if required.


Box Sizes
This varies between 350mm - 550mm, dependent on the width of the opening, please contact us for the exact clear opening height for the particular width of shutter you require.
Insulated Industrial Roller Shutter Guides are supplied with galvanised steel guide angle as standard.  The angle can be inset or outset if preferred, this must be clearly stated on your order.  The thickness of angle varies as below;
100mm Insulated Laths  -  80mm Guide with Brush Seals with 100mm x 50mm Galvanised Steel Angle

100mm Insulated Lath - Guide Detail

INDUSTRIAL MOTOR  -   Where possible we use the Direct Drive motors that are bolted onto the endplates.  The Direct Drive motors are Heavier Duty, more reliable and operate quicker.   As standard, all Industrial Motors come with a Chain Override and Push Button Station.  The GFA Motors and Control Panels come with a 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.  We mainly use GFA motors as they are German made, very reliable and easy to maintain.   We can use Ellard and Link motors if you the customer prefers.   3 Phase motors are very Heavy Duty, they allow from 10 to 40 operation per hour and they also operate at a higher speed.  As standard, the motors come with a Chain Override and Push button station.    We can get a 3 phase motor to suit most requirements, including High Usage, High Speed and Hazardous Environments.   

The standard finish on the High Speed Industrial Steel Roller Shutters is Galvanised.  

The Shutter can be Powder Coated one of our Stock Colours below.  Depending on the Band A, B or C will depend on the additional cost.


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