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Industrial High Speed Curtain

From only £7,995

Based on 2500mm x 2500mm

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Key Product Features



Product Rating

High Speed

Lath Types

Solid or Vision

Manual Operation

Chain Operated

Electric Operation

Single and 3 Phase

Max Width

12000mm (Depending on Height)

Max Height

6000mm (Depending on Width)

Box and Guides - Standard Finish


Curtain - Standard Finish

5 Standard Colours

Lead Times

15-20 working days

Why choose the Industrial High Speed Curtain?

The Industrial High Speed Curtain is ideal when you are trying to reduce heat loss with a high volume of traffic going through the door. The High Speed Curtain does operate quicker than a High Speed Roller Shutter and it uses a smaller box. The curtain is a strong flexible fabric, with the option of vision windows, ideal for Pedestrian and Vehicle traffic. The high speed curtains also have the option of self repair. If hit by an object and knocked off the guide rails, it self repairs by opening and closing curtain.

The Industrial High Speed Curtain is only available with 3 Phase Direct Drive motors. The motors have been specially designed for High Usage and to run at high RPM. We also have a large of controls and sensors, for example, Radar Sensors for Fork Lift Traffic, Traffic Lights and Safety devices.

The Industrial High Speed Curtain comes in a range of standard colours. The Box and Guides, come Galvanised as standard.



We have a large range of flexible fabric curtains that are used with the High Speed Curtains. The material will depend on the application, size of the opening and if the curtain is fitted on an internal or external installation.

Solid Curtains - Ideal for pedestrian only applications. Fly mesh can also be incorporated into the curtain.

Vision Panels - Ideal for High Vehicle Traffic, Safety or Monitoring.


Non-contact safety Safety light grilles integrated into the side assemblies monitor the closing zone of the door leaf up to a height of 2500 mm. The safety light grilles ensure compliance with safety requirements according to DIN EN 13241-1. This does away with the need for additional installations on the door (e.g. closing edge safety device or photocell).


All the High Speed Curtains are powered using 3 Phase motors with an emergency override.  The High Speed Curtains come as standard with a Push Button Station for internal, non secure operation. There is the option of External Key Switch, Keypads, Remote Control, Presence and Motion Detection for Vehicles/Pedestrians.
We also have a large range of Safety Devices for the industrial doors, depending on the application. Options include Safety Edge, Photo Cells, Light Grilles, Trap Sensors and Lazer Sensors.

Product Video

Our product video demonstrating the High Speed Curtain.

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