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Fire and Smoke Curtains

Fire and Smoke Curtains
Fire and Smoke Curtains
Fire and Smoke Curtains
Fire and Smoke Curtains
Fire and Smoke Curtains
Fire and Smoke Curtains
Fire and Smoke Curtains

Why choose the Fire and Smoke Curtain?

The Fire and Smoke Curtains are based on the normal fire curtain, but uses a thicker curtain and has additional seals to reduce the spread of smoke.   They are common on Reception Counters, Kitchen Serveries, Stores and any other opening on an escape route.    The advantage of a Fire Curtain is that it has a Fabric Kevlar curtain, which means it coils into a smaller box, compared with a Fire Shutter.  This is ideal when you are limited on headroom.  A fire curtain is designed to be in the up position at all times and it will only close in a fire situation.    The shutters have been independently tested and certified by Exova to Fire Standards BS476, BS EN 1362 and BS EN 1634.

The Fire Curtains are only available with a Single Phase Tube Motor.  The fire curtain is supplied as standard with a control panel which includes the Fire Alarm Relay, Staged Decent and Battery Backup.  A switch can be fitted to the fire curtain to reset it after a fire activation.  There is also the option of an emergency release button, in case someone gets trapped behind a closed fire curtain.

The Fire Curtain comes as standard in a Grey Kevlar finish.  The Box and Guides are Powder Coated White as standard.  The Box and Guides can be Powder Coated any BS or RAL colour to match your colour scheme. 
Key Features
ApplicationDomestic, Commercial, Retail, Bar and Serveries
Product RatingFire and Smoke Rated - 4hrs
MaterialKevlar Fabric
Electric Operation30000mm
Max Height - Electric6000mm
Box & Guides - Standard FinishWhite
Curtain - Standard FinishGrey Kevlar
Lead Times15-20 working days

Complete product tested to BS EN 1634-1:2008 achieving an Integrity (E) performance of 264 minutes and Irradiance (W) of 30 minutes, and is classified in accordance with BS EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 as E240 EW30.
Designed to operate for 2000 cycles at normal ambient temperatures in the range of 0°C to 60°C.
The Fire and Smoke Curtain can be provided to protect openings widths of up to 30 m on an over lapping system and heights up to 6 m.

The fabric curtain is manufactured from stainless steel reinforced glass fibre fabric. The curtain fabric is made from stainless steel reinforced glass fibre. The weight is approx. 640 g/m2 in its finished form. Fabric thickness is nominally 0.5 mm and the weave is an 8-shaft satin and is tested to withstand temperatures over 1000°C.   Grey Finish as standard.   

The Automatic Fire Barrier head box is manufactured from 1.2 mm zintec steel with removable cover plates allowing access to the fabric curtain roller. Standard head box sizes are 180 mm x 180 mm with larger head boxes where the fabric curtain drop is in excess of 3 m. A suitably weighted bottom bar is provided to prevent deflection and ensure correct operation under gravity.

100 mm x 55 mm deep two piece galvanised steel guide assembly which can be face or reveal fixed.  The guide rails are designed to allow for expansion when acting as a fire barrier.   The guide rail consists of an inner section which is face or reveal fixed into position.  The outer section conceals the fixings and is fixed to the inner section with rivet nuts.


The Fire Curtain is powered using a 24V DC tubular motor which is supplied as standard with a 4m 7 core cable.   The control panel [model FC– 01 GFS] meets the following EU Directives: Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC.
Under normal operating conditions the Automatic Fire Barrier would be held in the retracted position via the motor operating at low voltage. Upon activation of the fire alarm the control panel will remove the supply voltage and the Automatic Fire Barrier will descend under gravity in a controlled manner. A dynamic braking system housed in the motor control circuit controls the speed of descent.
To retract the Automatic Fire Barrier the control panel supplies 24Vdc to the motor which drives the Automatic Fire Barrier to the upper position. As the bottom bar interfaces with the head box the limit setting holds the bottom bar in the retracted position.
Should the mains power fail to the control panel the supply is automatically switched to the integral standby battery. The Automatic Fire Barrier remains in the retracted position for 24 hrs. The Automatic Fire Barrier will remain fully operational until the battery low voltage cut off facility reads a voltage of 21V, the Automatic Fire Barrier will then safely descend under gravity to its fire operational position.

Optional Extra’s

Split Drop:  An optional braking system is available to allow a stage descent during deployment. Partial descent to a predetermined level to permit preliminary escape and initial smoke containment at high level, after the delay the Automatic Fire Barrier descends to its fire operational position.
Smoke Seals: Located in the side guides and head box the smoke seals limit smoke leakage as the Automatic Fire Barrier descends.
Delay on Alarm: The control panel can be programmed to allow a timer delay on the alarm for a number of minutes before the Automatic Fire Barrier descents to its fire operational position.
Beam Sensor: A beam sensor can be used as either a block sensor or an override; when the fire alarm activates, and someone passes under the Automatic Fire Barrier the beam sensor can be wired to either stop or to retract the Automatic Fire Barrier. Please note that when used in isolation the beam sensor does not trigger a sound.
Emergency Over Ride Switches:  Hold on retract facility for escape and emergency service access.
Visual Alert System: Flashing beacon and sounder can be connected via the control panel and provide a warning when the Automatic Fire Barrier is about to descend. When the fire alarm is triggered, and the Automatic Fire Barrier deploys the beacon will flash with a sounder alert until the signal from the alarm is lost. Please note that when used in isolation the audio-visual unit does not stop the Automatic Fire Barrier descending and/or retract the Automatic Fire Barrier.

The Fire Curtain comes in a standard finish of Grey Kevlar. 

The Box and Guides can be Powder Coated one of our Stock Colours below.  Depending on the Band A, B or C will depend on the additional cost.


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