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Window Mesh

Are you having problems with kids throwing stones and bricks at your window?   Do you want to protect a valuable window?  Window mesh guards could provide a solution.

Window mesh is made of wire and is generally fitted externally across windows to prevent potential damage from vandalism - stopping balls, bricks or stones from shattering the glass. The material used is weldmesh, which is constructed of steel. Window mesh is easy to install and maintain and is a popular choice for schools, garages, and offices.

We also provide High-Security Perforated Mesh , which has very small holes but still provides 60% vision.    The mesh comes in an extruded aluminum frame and can be fitted direct to the windows or fitted to the brickwork.   The perforated mesh gives the impression of tinted glass from the inside.

Call our sales team today, with your requirements and we can help specify a solution to meet your requirements and budget.

Why choose the High Security External Window Guards?The High Security External Perforated Window guards provide maximum protection to windows.   The perforated mesh has small holes punched into the metal sheet which provides vision and airflow.   The perforated mesh provides 60% ..
From only £350.00
Why choose Window Security Mesh?The  use of window mesh  is a simple secure and cost effective way to protect windows from vandalism.   Usually fixed externally for vandalism, but can be fitted internally for security.  As standard, we use a Welded Wire Mesh, with 25mm ..
From only £93.00
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