15mm Garage Door Seal Kit


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{"id":205005,"title":"15mm Garage Door Seal Kit","type":{"id":4,"name":"General Parts","handle":"generalParts","hasDimensions":false,"hasVariants":true,"hasVariantTitleField":true,"variantTitleFormat":"{product.title}","hasProductTitleField":true,"productTitleFormat":"","skuFormat":null,"descriptionFormat":"{product.title} - {title}","template":null,"fieldLayoutId":112,"variantFieldLayoutId":113,"uid":"7b099a9f-5bf0-45ba-8d3c-275e0aa1b58b"},"sku":"WSD15-221","description":"<p>The 15mm high garage door floor seal kit has been designed to form a watertight seal between the garage door and the floor against standing water up to 15mm high. The threshold will also prevent leaves, dust and debris from being blown under the garage door, thus ensuring a clean and dry environment.<br \/><br \/>As well as weatherproofing your garage door, our 15mm garage door floor seal can also prevent mice and other small rodents from squeezing underneath the gap between the door and the floor. The yellow line provides a highly visible warning for people or vehicles passing over the threshold.<br \/><br \/>This threshold seal is 15mm high, 85mm wide, and is available in lengths from 2.21m (7'3\") to 20m (65') to suit all sizes of garage door.<\/p>\n<p><\/p>\n<h2>How does it work?<\/h2>\n<p>The door threshold pushes up against the back of your garage door. It\n is supplied with a specially formulated adhesive &amp; sealant which \nprovides a water-tight seal between the threshold and the floor, \npreventing standing water up to 15mm high and rainwater from being blown\n under your door.<\/p>\n<h2>What type of doors can it be used on?<\/h2>\n<p>The garage door seals can be used on all types of domestic\u00a0doors, including up-and-over, sectional, roller shutter, and \nside-hinged doors. The threshold can be safely driven over with most \nvehicles.<\/p>\n<p>This threshold seal has a weight limit of 2722 kg making it suitable \nfor most cars and domestic garages. It is not suitable for forklift \ntrucks, vans, lorries, tractors etc., or high traffic areas like parking\n garages.\u00a0<\/p>\n<h2>Installation Requirements<\/h2>\n<p>This product is <strong>not suitable for use on loose concrete or gravel surfaces<\/strong>. Unsealed concrete floors that have a dusty or powdery surface must be sealed with a concrete sealer prior to installation.<br \/><br \/>The threshold can be installed on epoxy floors, but if the surface is very smooth it can prevent the adhesive from bonding properly. If your epoxy floor has a smooth or shiny surface, a low-grit sandpaper can be used to dull the surface slightly before installation. The same can be done for very smooth tiles. Remove any dust and debris left behind before proceeding to installation.<br \/><br \/>Due to coiling in transport, the threshold seal should be laid flat on a clean surface so that it returns to its original shape. The adhesive \/ sealant should be stored at room temperature prior to application so it can flow freely from the tube. The recommended ambient temperature for applying the adhesive is 5\u00b0C to 35\u00b0C (40\u00b0F to 95\u00b0F).<br \/><br \/>Once fitted allow 24 hours before driving over the threshold. It is also recommended to test the installation after 24 hours using a bucket of water or a hosepipe to check for water ingress.<\/p>\n<h2>The kit includes:<\/h2>\n<ul><li>15mm Garage Door threshold floor seal<\/li><li>Sufficient adhesive for installation included in kit (Black adhesive, 290ml)<\/li><li>Supplied with full colour installation instructions<\/li><\/ul>","price":31.99,"formattedPrice":"\u00a331.99","pricing_type":null,"image":"\/storage\/spare-parts\/_transforms\/_thumbnail\/15mm-garage-door-seal-key-features_1080x.webp","maxQuantity":null,"minQuantity":null,"hasOptionPacks":null,"leadTime":2,"length":{"min":null,"max":null},"available":true,"availableColours":null,"downloads":[],"defaultVariant":{"id":205006,"title":"2210mm wide","sku":"WSD15-221","price":31.99,"formattedPrice":"\u00a331.99","maxQuantity":null,"minQuantity":null},"variants":[{"id":205006,"title":"2210mm wide","sku":"WSD15-221","price":31.99,"formattedPrice":"\u00a331.99","maxQuantity":null,"minQuantity":null},{"id":205022,"title":"2520mm wide","sku":"WSD15-252","price":34.99,"formattedPrice":"\u00a334.99","maxQuantity":null,"minQuantity":null},{"id":205023,"title":"3120mm wide","sku":"WSD15-312","price":40.99,"formattedPrice":"\u00a340.99","maxQuantity":null,"minQuantity":null},{"id":205024,"title":"3730mm wide","sku":"WSD15-373","price":46.99,"formattedPrice":"\u00a346.99","maxQuantity":null,"minQuantity":null},{"id":205025,"title":"4340mm wide","sku":"WSD15-434","price":53.99,"formattedPrice":"\u00a353.99","maxQuantity":null,"minQuantity":null},{"id":205026,"title":"4950mm wide","sku":"WSD15-495","price":59.99,"formattedPrice":"\u00a359.99","maxQuantity":null,"minQuantity":null},{"id":205027,"title":"5560mm wide","sku":"WSD15-556","price":73.99,"formattedPrice":"\u00a373.99","maxQuantity":null,"minQuantity":null},{"id":205028,"title":"6170mm wide","sku":"WSD15-617","price":79.99,"formattedPrice":"\u00a379.99","maxQuantity":null,"minQuantity":null}]}

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