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Perforated Aluminium - 22% Vision

Perforated Aluminium - 22% Vision
Perforated Aluminium - 22% Vision
Perforated Aluminium - 22% Vision
Perforated Aluminium - 22% Vision
Perforated Aluminium - 22% Vision
Perforated Aluminium - 22% Vision
Perforated Aluminium - 22% Vision
Why use the Perforated Aluminium Roller Shutter?

The RA8 Perforated Aluminium Roller Shutter has a Perforated curtain that can provide up to 22% vision and span openings up to 6m.  Ideal for offices, shop fronts, showrooms or where vision and security is a requirement.

The RA8 Perforated Aluminium Roller Shutters are only available Electrically operated, due to the large widths.  Why not automate the shutter, to make daily operation easier and you can incorporate your shutters into a fully automation system, including Timers, Remote Control Systems and Home Hubs eg; Alexa.

The Perforated Aluminium Roller Shutter comes powder coated as standard in White, Brown, Black or Cream as standard.  The shutter can be Powder Coated any BS or RAL colour to match your colour scheme.

Key Features
ApplicationDomestic, Commercial, Retail, Bar and Serveries
Product RatingMedium to High
Lath TypesPerforated - 22% Vision
Electric OperationSingle Phase - Tube Motor
Max Width6000mm (Depending on Height)
Max Height - Manual2800mm (Depending on Width)
Max Height - Electric5000mm (Depending on Width)
Box & Guides - Standard FinishWhite, Brown
Curtain - Standard FinishWhite, Brown
Lead Times10-15 working days

The standard RA77 Perforated Lath is a Single skin punched Aluminium Lath with anti vandal wind locks. 

Roll formed Aluminium in two sections; top and bottom boxes.  Bottom Box removable for installation and maintenance and is chamfered at 45o.  The shutter box is assembled on steel end plates.
Box Sizes
Guide height (to underside of box)
1650 mm  -   250 mm box
2600 mm  -   300 mm box
4640 mm  -   360 mm box
Roller Shutters

Extruded aluminium  bottom slat with EPDM weather seal. Guide channels with brush infill, and channel depth of 70, 90 or 150mm. 

The RA8 Perforated Shutter is available electrically operated using a tubular motor inside the barrel.  

      ELECTRIC  - (N.B. minimum shutter width 750mm) 

      Electric shutters are usually fitted on larger openings where 
      Manual Operation is not suitable or where the operator 
      requires an easy, clean and user friendly type of operation.  
      Single phase tubular motors are enclosed within the barrel 
      giving full protection from the elements.  Electric Roller 
      Shutters can be controlled individually or grouped to one 
                              controller.  The controllers available include internal rocker 
                              switch, security key switch or Remote Control.  Manual 
                              overrides are available on Electric Roller Shutters which 
                              allow the shutter to be operated when the power to the 
                              shutter has failed.

The RA8 Perforated Roller Shutter is available in the following standard colours.   Band A, Band and Band C are an additional cost.



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