Window Security Bars

Window Security Bars
Window bars are an excellent means of providing another level of security - a barrier of protection in front of the glass windows at your home or commercial property. We specialise in a range of window security bars, which can either be fixed or removed. Removable security window bars are useful should the property owner need to move them for Fire Escape or Maintenance purposes. Fixed window bars are suitable for internal windows, external windows and glass panels in doors; removable security window bars for domestic, office and commercial windows.For more information, and to get a better idea of what window bars are suitable for your needs, use the product builder below.
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Fixed Window Bars

      PRODUCT OVERVIEW     Description The Vertical Window ..

From only £232.00

Insurance Approved Fixed Window Bars

      PRODUCT OVERVIEW     Description High Security Window..

From only £450.00

Removable Security Window Bars

    PRODUCT OVERVIEW      Description The removable bars ..

From only £221.00

Diamond Security Grilles

      PRODUCT OVERVIEW     Description A permanently fixed ..

From only £232.00

Child Safety Window Barrier

The Child Safety Window Barrier is designed to prevent children from falling out of Windows and Low ..

From only £280.00