Window Security Mesh

Window Security Mesh

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Window mesh can be fitted externally to your property to add a layer of protection to your property.

MEDIUM Security -  ideal for Vandalism and as a Security deterrent.


Wire weld mesh is usually fitted externally to prevent vandalism to windows by balls, brick and other projectiles.   Perforated Mesh can provide a higher level of Security but does not allow as much light through as the Weldmesh.
Security Level
MEDIUM Security 
Common Use
Schools, Offices, Garages, Warehouses
Benefit of Product
Permanently Fixed grille for external or Internal use. Provides a strong deterrent and is very effective where either vandalism OR vandalism / medium security are required. Easy to install, maintenance free and a generally a lower cost option than the alternative - a roller shutter.
Weldmesh is an all Steel construction.
Maximum Width
2134 mm
Maximum Height
1220 mm - The mesh comes in sheet sizes of 1220 mm x 2134 mm. However we can weld the sheets together and also in sections allowing two or more sections to be bolted together on site. The overall size criteria comes; (a) in transport and (b) powder coating plant restrictions 
15 - 20 Kgs per metre square
The standard finish is to powder coat in one of our Standard Colours. Special colours are available at extra cost. Mesh Grilles that are fitted EXTERNALLY we would recommend they are Hot Dipped Galvanised PRIOR to powder coating to prevent RUSTING. This process adds more expense but is well worth the extra cost as once the grilles go rusty it is practically impossible to remove it.

The Hot Dipped Galvanising process leaves the grilles with a silver finish. To save money the grilles can be left in this sliver finish - without the need to powder coat

STANDARD MESH -  25mm x 25mm x 10 gauge

LARGER MESH - 50mm x 50mm x 10 gauge



The Grille Frame has three options that we may use as standard dependant on the type of installation;
(1) Flat bar Frame 25mm x 6/8mm

(2) Angle Iron Frame 25m x 25 mm x 3mm 

(3) Box Section 25mm x 25mm  

FLAT BAR FRAME   -  the frame sections are welded into a full frame which is manufactured from Flat Steel Bar.  The advantage of this is that flat bar can be pulled into the wall slightly if its slightly out of plumb.
ANGLE FRAME  -  the frame sections are welded into a full frame which is made from Angle Iron.  This is better if you are fitting the grille within the recess.

BOX SECTION  -  a 25mm x 25mm Box Section is supplied for larger grilles
The Mesh Grille can be supplied with a Hinge so the grille can open up for access. The grille can be locked using either a padlock or Keyless Locking Bolt.

Options Available
Mesh -  2 5mm x 25 mm and 50 mm x 50 mm (Diamond mesh available at extra cost)
Designs - Square, rectangular and Diamond - the latter is  standard, others may have an additional cost
Finish - Powder Coating; hot dip galvanising as an extra cost
Stand Off - brackets to allow the grille to be set back to allow windows to open - at extra cost

Security Level - Medium

Medium Security product which ideal for when a visual or physical barrier is required

Product Benefits

Cost effective way of protecting windows from vandalism


Internal Windows, External Windows, Glass Panels in Doors

Sizes Available

WIDTH -  Min -   250mm      Max - 3000mm

HEIGHT -  Min -  250mm     Max -  3000mm

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