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25 Sep Insulated Roller Shutters- Can You Reduce Your Energy Bills?
Matthew 0 827
How Roller Shutters Can Reduce Your Energy BillsWith fluctuating energy bills and every other letter coming through the door telling us about price hikes, it’s time to start saving as much energy as much as we can at work. An easy way to start is by keeping as much heat in - or in the summer months, out – as possible.Most buildings have ‘weak spots’ - points where heat exchange is easiest - at doors and at window seals which typically allow heat or cold air to escape.According to the Nat..
21 Sep Security Rated Shutters
Matthew 0 754
Roller shutters and commercial property insuranceRoller shutters  that are rated as Insurance Tested security shutters are made of galvanised steel, and are an idealway to increase security ratings on commercial premises. The most obvious point of entry, such as industrialisedgarage doors, must be protected; secondary points of entry, like ground floor windows, must be protectedtoo.Insurance companies appreciate the physical and visual barriers that quality roller shutters represent...
05 Sep School Security Is Your School Safe
Matthew 0 811
@page { margin: 0.79in } p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; direction: ltr; line-height: 120%; text-align: left; orphans: 2; widows: 2 } a:link { color: #0000ff }Is your school safe?  It’s a sensitive topic, security in schools, but sensitive doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk about it. In fact, we should really be shouting about it and ensuring that parent’s little (and big) ones have the best protection available. Security is mainly cyber led, now that there is such a huge threat fr..
30 Aug Reduce your Insurance Premiums
Matthew 0 941
How Security Direct’s shutters can reduce your insurance premiumsPaying for business insurance each year and having nothing to claim for can be a grinding process. Of course it’s great if you don’t require your insurance because technically it means you’re a safe and up-to-date business. However, it’s quite a lot of money down the drain each year for no return. As a business, you should always be looking into the future and figuring out ways to reduce your insurance premiums by investing mon..
18 Aug Electric Roller Shutters
Matthew 0 102
How Do Electric Roller Shutters Work? Roller shutters are a great way of providing your building with an extra layer of security as well as protecting itfrom the elements. In case you were wondering how exactly electric roller shutters work, here are the main parts,along with what they do:  Tubular MotorThe motor sits in the overhead barrel of the shutter. It operates the shutter and includes a brake which keeps theshutter locked in position when it reaches its uppermost poin..
08 Aug Exterior Shutters For The Summer Sun
Matthew 0 1766
 The Hot British Summer is here! Turning on fans and rolling your blinds down on your windows can still leaveyou wishing for cooler indoor temperatures. It’s time to update your windows and protect your home from the heat and security threats with the non intrusive roller shutters from Security Direct Products Ltd.Available in a range of colours, with external fitting our products can provide much needed coolness in Summer but also insulation during the colder months.Exterior shutter..
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