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Warehouse Shutter Doors For Security

10th January 2021

Before you look into physical security for your warehouse doors or your factory. It's important to establish the value of the stock to be protected at any one time & how interested potential burglars would be in breaking and entering to steal your goods & what type of tools they may use to obtain access.

All of our Industrial Roller Shutter Doors are rated in a system whereby they are able to protect your property by preventing break in with certain pressure and tools. For example a lower level security product may offer protection against breaking and entering with hand tools, whereas a higher level security product will offer protection against entry using power tools.

At Security Direct Products, we would want your warehouse to benefit from the right level of security required. You may already know the type of product you are interested in due to thefts in your area of similar types of products or a general rise in theft in the area and what tools the burglars are using to break and enter.

Of course, we firmly believe that prevention is better than the cure, but could your business really afford to loose time and money replacing stock or damaged goods?

Another area in factories where our products are used is often reception areas, where the reception desk closes before the factory, HR offices and higher level staff offices can also be secured.

Of course, you can also use cameras to monitor your factory and staff. If this cost is not something you would value, we would recommend dummy cameras in the interim.

To find out more about our warehouse shutters and specialist security services, and how they can be tailored to your requirements. please Contact Us today

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