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Troubleshooting Your Roller Shutter & Garage Door Remote Controls

14th March 2024

Understanding Remote Controls

Remote controls for roller shutters and garage doors come in various types, including popular brands like Somfy, NVM, and SeceuroSense. Each brand has its unique features, but all operate on the same basic principle: sending a signal to your shutter or door to open or close.

Somfy: Known for its reliability and range, Somfy remote controls are widely used in home automation systems. You can find the Somfy Rolixo Instruction Manual, which provides full details on this remote control system.

NVM: NVM remotes are often the most cost effective remote control systems. You can find the NVM NT1006 Remote Controller Instruction Manual, which provides full details on this remote control system.

SeceuroSense: These remotes are generally used on the SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Doors. You can find the SeceuroSense Instruction Manual, which provides full details on this remote control system.

The Role of Safety Devices

It is a legal requirement that all Remote control doors are equipped with safety devices to prevent accidents. These devices can interfere with the operation of your remote control if they are not functioning correctly.

Photo Cells: These sensors detect obstacles under the door and stop its movement to prevent injury or damage. If photo cells are dirty or misaligned, they might incorrectly signal that there is an obstacle, preventing the door from operating.

Photo Electric Cells

Safety Edge Batteries: If your roller shutter features a wireless safety edge, it will have batteries that can deplete over time, affecting performance.

Wireless Safety Edge

Safety Edge Wires and Rubber: Damaged wires or rubber can cause false signals or no signal at all, leading to operational issues.

Wired Safety Edge

Common Issues with Remote Control Handsets

Battery Problems: Remote batteries can drain quickly, especially if buttons are unintentionally pressed while in pockets. Temperature extremes can also affect battery life. It's recommended to replace batteries annually.

Signal Interference: Other devices operating on similar frequencies can interfere with your remote control's signal.

Wear and Tear: Regular use can wear down the buttons or internal components, affecting functionality.

Troubleshooting Checklist

  1. Check the Batteries: Replace the batteries if they are old or depleted. Remember, even new batteries can be defective.
  2. Clean the Photo Cells (If Fitted): Ensure the sensors are clean and properly aligned. Even a small amount of dirt or misalignment can cause issues.
  3. Inspect the Safety Edge (If Fitted): Check for damaged wires or rubber and replace if necessary.
  4. Reset the Remote: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reset your remote control.
  5. Check for Signal Interference: Remove potential sources of interference near your roller shutter or garage door.
  6. Inspect the Door Mechanism: Ensure there are no physical obstructions or damages to the door mechanism itself.
  7. Contact a Professional: If the problem persists, contact a professional technician for a thorough inspection and repair.


Troubleshooting your roller shutter or garage door remote control doesn't have to be a daunting task. By understanding the types of remote controls, the importance of safety devices, and following a systematic troubleshooting checklist, you can resolve many common issues on your own. Remember, regular maintenance and timely battery replacements can prevent many problems before they start. If you encounter persistent issues, don't hesitate to reach out to a professional for assistance.

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