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10th December 2016

AS YOU prepare parties, treats and costumes for Halloween, also be sure that your home is secured against thieves who know the celebrations mean empty homes and that fireworks are the perfect cover for crime.

Bogus callers also take advantage of Halloween, as homeowners are ready to open their doors to trick or treaters.

We've put a list of tips together for you here:

Secure your home

Make sure that all doors and windows, even those upstairs, are locked before leaving the house. Don’t forget to set your burglar alarm as you head out. If possible, fit restrictors on windows and locks at the top and bottom of patio doors.

Ensure that all keys and expensive items – mobiles, laptops etc – are hidden from view.

Use an ultraviolet pen to mark items of value with your postcode and house number. This will help police to identify your property if it's stolen.

Keep your car secure

If you don’t have a garage to lock your car away, make sure to use your car alarm and steering lock.

Don’t leave expensive items in the car. If you must, make sure they are hidden from view.

Check outside

Give any outbuildings such as garages and sheds a safety check.

Safely store any items that could be used to gain entry, like ladders or tools.

Also put away anything that could be used to break windows, including garden ornaments.

Make sure that your outdoor lighting is working and that the sensor responds to movement.

Don’t forget to secure your pets. Pet theft is an issue and even crossbreeds and mongrels can be of value.

Don’t advertise that you are out

Be aware that thieves can sometimes see your posts on social media. Be careful what you reveal about your Halloween plans and check your social media settings to see who has access to your personal posts.

Also, take the time to make your home appear occupied. Leave a light on if possible, or set timers that will switch lamps on around the house when it gets dark.

Perhaps ask a friend or neighbour to pop in while you are away to switch on lights and make the home look lived in.

Be ready for callers

As well as stocking up on goodies for trick-or-treaters, make sure you are prepared for other people who may call to your door.

Fit a security chain to doors and verify a caller’s ID before you let them into your home.

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