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Security risk assessment

10th December 2016

Before you purchase security solutions, first establish what your risks are most likely to be. weak areas, areas of concern for example... Don't just jump right in and copy what your neighbouring properties have as they may not have the correct security solution for the potential issues.

1. Establish your weak areas - weak areas of the property, doorways and openings that are out of sight.

2. Establish if there is an internal risk - staff theft, security of personnel.

3. View the recent burglary information for your area. Record methods of entry and tools used to gain access.

4. Look for relevant comparisons in similar business theft.

5. What are the risks - what are their priority to your business?

6. What would the consequences be to your business in time & money should your business suffer a burglary or theft.

7. What is the cost options of the work required & their ongoing maintenance.

8. Could your physical security solution also me damaged. What costs could this incur?

To discuss physical security options please do give us a call, we'll be happy to give you & your business the best possible advice.

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