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Securing Outdoor Eating and Drinking Areas

6th May 2021

Securing Outdoor Eating and Drinking Areas

From the 12th April 2021, restaurants and pubs can re-open outdoors. This is a big thing for the hospitality businesses as they have been closed for so long. I am sure the business owners and staff are also glad to get back to some normality. Let’s hope the English weather is kind and allows these businesses to start making money again.

Over the past few months, Security Direct has been helping the hospitality industry to secure the outdoor bars and kitchen areas. The bars are well stocked with alcohol, so they legally must be secured when not manned. It is also very time consuming to stock and unstock the bar every day. We have helped out customers find the best the solution to meet their requirements.

The majority for our customer has gone with the Lightweight Aluminium Roller Shutter, as it uses a compact box and is a cost effective solution. The Lightweight Shutter is limited on the range of colours it is available in, so the High Security Compact Aluminium Shutter has been a popular choice. The High Security Compact Aluminium Shutter still has the compact box, but can be powder coated any colour to match the brand colours.

We have found that a lot of Bars and Restaurants have also fitted outdoor kitchen areas and Pizza areas. We have fitted a combination the Lightweight Aluminium Roller Shutters to simply close off an area to the public or installed a fire shutter where there is a potential risk of fire.

We have also been asked to install Retractable Security Grilles and Vison Bar Servery Shutters to close off areas to the public. For example, dividing a room or restricting access during certain hours of the day. The trackless Barrier has been a popular solution, as it is a free standing barrier, which can be simply wheeled into place when required.

With the pubs and restaurants closed, we have also received had a lot of enquiries from homeowners that have built their own Garden Bars. They have requested roller shutters, to close off the Garden Bars to children, create a wind break or to close off the area to keep it tidy. The Lightweight aluminium shutter has been a popular choice, especially when security is not a priority. For large openings or windy locations, we have used the Insulated aluminium roller shutter.

Our Sales Team have a lot of experience in Bar and Servery Shutters. Please contact our Sales Team and we will help you find a solution to your problem. If you can email us some pictures and sizes of the openings, we can usually get the quote across to you within the hour.

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