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Roller Shutters for Cupboards

12th May 2021

Looking for a Roller Shutter for your Cupboard?

Roller Shutters are becoming very popular to close off cupboards. Applications include;

General Store Cupboards – These are usually recessed within a wall, by installing a roller shutter on the outside, you create a storage cupboard. It could be a purpose built cupboard, to house and store items.We are often asked to install roller shutters to store cupboards in schools. This could be a simple store cupboard for Crafts, Paper or furniture. If headroom is limited then the Metal Security shutters are popular as they provide a cost effective solution.

Kitchen Cupboards – If the home owner doesn’t have the space for large hinged doors, roller shutters provide vertical rolling solution.The Lightweight compact roller shutter can roll up vertically into a small box above the opening (205mm – Single Door Height). The guides are only 53mm wide and 23mm deep, so provide a very neat solution. These can be manually operated, so they pull down and can be locked in the down position.

Laundry Cupboards – Laundry cupboards can be a bit untidy and bit of an eye sore. A Compact Aluminium shutter can be closed down to hide what is in the cupboard.Sometimes a Compact Fire rated roller shutter is required, if there is a risk of fire. The tumble dryers can be a bit of a fire hazard. The fire shutters will provide will help contain the fire in the cupboard, which especially important when the cupboard is near a means of escape.

Bar Cupboards - At the back of some of the bars, expensive alcohol is stored and needs to be secured. It’s also a requirement of Licensing that alcohol be secured when not attended by an adult. A lot of sports clubs are in the middle of nowhere, so are vulnerable to attacks and vandalism.The High Security Compact shutter is a popular option, as it has a compact box and guides, but provides a High level of security.

Chemical Store Cupboards
- Some cupboards are used for storing chemicals or dangerous substances. They could be stored in the cupboard for safety reasons or fire risk.If security is required, then the Compact Perforated roller shutter is a popular choice. It has small perforations, to prevent people from accessing the chemicals but provides a small amount of airflow to prevent build up of gases.When there is a risk of fire then one of our Fire Rated Roller Shutters are specified. Depending on the size of the opening and the site requirements will depend on the Compact Fire Shutter and the Industrial Fire Shutter .

Retail Cupboards
- Cupboards are often used in retail to house high value goods. This could be anything from Jewellery to Cigarettes. Sometimes the retailers still wants the public to see inside, but needs protection to prevent theft. The Transparent Clear View Shutter ticks all these boxes, providing 83% vision.On an evening some retailers require a high security roller shutter, to secure the goods when the business is closed. We have a range of Insurance Approved Roller Shutter, which is tested from Security Level 1 – 4. The higher the risk the higher the security level required. A popular choice for Cigarette Counters is the Ultra Compact Shutter, which has the smallest shutter box on the market and provides a security level 2.

We work with Joiners and Cabinet makers, supplying roller shutters for Cupboards. If the cupboard can be designed with the roller shutter in mind, then it can be fully integrated.

If you are looking for a roller shutter for your cupboard, then please contact our sales team. We are more than happy to help you select the best product for your application.

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