It is an open and shut case for the youngsters of Oxted Pre-School and its chairman Debbie Cope when it comes to needing funds.

The pre-school has launched a new and larger outdoor play area, complete with this new security gate supplied by Security Direct - and it was made possible with the help of Oxted’s United Reformed Church, a donation of £500 from Oxted Parish Council as part of its 2016 grant aid programme, and contributions from parents and families.

Debbie said: " We still have a long way to go before we can cover the overall cost, given the expense occurred, so fundraising efforts are ongoing to ensure this, and the playground to the back of the building, continue to be an amazing space for current and future children."

Members of the staff of the Oxted Pre-School, now over 30 years old, will be taking part in the colour run on Oxted’s Master Park on August 14 to bring in more cash.