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Physical Security Measures: Making Security Risk Assessments

17th January 2019

It’s not just about having physical security. In fact, it’s much more important to have the right physical security. Before you place an order, you’re going to want to know what you need.

Our expert team will be happy to discuss your premises’ weak areas and your other concerns. But before we begin that, it’s important to have a clear idea what they are.

A common mistake is to just assume that the measures neighbouring properties have taken are the right ones. But you may not be in the same line of business, and may need different precautions. And even if you’re in the same business – how confident are you that they’ve made the right decisions?

Here’s an important checklist to work through before you start planning your security.

What are your property’s weak areas?

Are there any doorways or openings out of sight of passers-by?

What burglaries have taken place locally in the recent past? What methods were used to access the locations? What tools are believed to have been used?

Which part of your premises is most important to secure? Which is least?

Is anything valuable kept on the premises? How easy is it to move? Where is it kept?

What vandalism has taken place locally in the recent past? What tools are believed to have been used? Is your business likely to be a target of vandals?

Some of these may be easy to answer, and others may take more work. Some will also be more important than others, depending on your business.

But having a few of these noted down will make it much easier to work out what kind of security you might need. That gives us a chance, when you get in touch, to jump ahead several steps to the right recommendations for your budget and your needs.

If you’d prefer, we can take you through the whole process from first principles- or you can use our experience to check your own thinking. Either way, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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