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How to Secure your Garage

20th December 2019

How to Secure your Garage

With theft and burglary a common occurrence, it’s important that you keep your home or business safe by securing your garage. Whether a storage facility, a place to keep your car, or even an additional access point to the inside, following these tips can help you ensure that your garage is not a weak point of security on your property.

Install an Alarm System

A home security system is a sure-fire way to deter burglars either when they see it or prompt it to go off by trying to break in. It may also alert you to an intruder before they gain access to the main house, meaning you have precious time to alert the authorities.

Don’t Leave the Remote in View

If an intruder sees the garage remote lying around, they make seize the opportunity to gain easy access to your home. Be sure to safely store the remote somewhere not easily visible to others, and perhaps keep it with you if you’re heading into the house or office.

Choose a Secure Door

A huge factor in how safe your garage is, is the door you choose for the outside. Security Direct UK offers several options that offer different aesthetics, without compromising on safety and security. Which type of garage door is best for you? Here are some of the ones we offer:

Roller Shutter Garage Door - The mechanism for a roller door does not swing out when opening, and is usually motorised making for easy access. This is a great option if space in front of, in, or around the garage is limited.

Sectional Garage Door - This is one of the fastest growing options in the UK, and also has the great advantage of not swinging out. This type of garage mechanism can often go higher than most other door types - great if your car is a little higher than average!

Up and Over Garage Doors - A great option if your space is not limited, up and over doors come in steel or timber, so you can choose a style to suite your property. This type of door lifts up and will hang in front of the garage while you drive inside.

At Security Direct we have lots of types of doors to meet your needs, get in touch for more information.

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