More Storms Ahead

In the middle of October, the ex-hurricane Ophelia made headlines all across Britain and Ireland for the red sun, the yellow sky, and the buffeting winds.

Flood warnings were raised and extreme weather alerts warned against possible loss of life.

Ireland in particular bore the brunt of the impact. Power was lost in areas across the nation. Lives were lost and buildings were severely damaged.

In the aftermath, we received many calls from people wanting to ensure their homes or their businesses were safer from this kind of damage.

Storm Warning

Ophelia isn’t the only major storm to have made headlines in the UK. Two years ago, Tropical Storm Desmond capped off a month of storms which caused extensive damage across the north, bringing with it flooding.

We heard from paper mills who’d lost millions in stored product when their flood precautions proved insufficient.

These aren’t the once-in-a-lifetime storms that other parts of the world have to deal with – but they don’t have to be to ruin a house or bankrupt a business.

Our Steel Flood Doors are designed to provide a reliable seal no matter what. It’s a simple way to help protect what matters most, and to reduce the risk that a storm – or a series of them – will bring your business to its knees or leave you living in another home for months while cleaning and repairs are carried out.

For more details on how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll bring our expertise to bear on your situation.