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03 Aug Seceuroglide vs Garolla Roller Garage Doors
Matthew 0 355
Are you looking to buy a Roller Garage Door?  Had a quote for both and trying to weigh up the options?Firstly, a look at  the two companies;GAROLLA GARAGE DOORSManufactured in Leeds by Value Doors UKFranchise around the UK Drive around in vans with a Gorilla on the roofOffer 2 Types of Roller Garage Doors - 55mm and 77mm Insulated SlatsOffer a 2 year warranty on Parts and LabourSECEUROGLIDE ROLLER GARAGE DOORManufactured in Lancaster by SWS UKOnly deal with Trade Accounts25 years in the Garage D..
12 May Roller Shutters for Cupboards
Matthew 0 1228
Looking for a Roller Shutter for your Cupboard?Roller Shutters are becoming very popular to close off cupboards. Applications include; General Store Cupboards – These are usually recessed within a wall, by installing a roller shutter on the outside, you create a storage cupboard. It could be a purpose built cupboard, to house and store items.We are often asked to install roller shutters to store cupboards in schools. This could be a simple store cupboard for Crafts, Paper or furniture. If ..
06 May Securing Outdoor Eating and Drinking Areas
Matthew 0 428
Securing Outdoor Eating and Drinking Areas From the 12th April 2021, restaurants and pubs can re-open outdoors.  This is a big thing for the hospitality businesses as they have been closed for so long.  I am sure the business owners and staff are also glad to get back to some normality.   Let’s hope the English weather is kind and allows these businesses to start making money again.Over the past few months, Security Direct has been helping the hospitality industry to secure the outdoor bars ..
05 May Farrow and Ball colours for Security Grilles and Roller Shutters
Matthew 0 435
Why not get your Security Product to compliment your Farrow and Ball Colour Scheme? Security Direct are pleased to announce that we can now powder coat most of our garage doors, roller shutters and security grilles in a Farrow &Ball colour to compliment your colour scheme.If you've ever wondered what it is that makes Farrow & Ball so special, it’s the high-quality ingredients to their artisanal methods, their eco-friendly formulas to sustainable practices, it's about so much more than just ..
02 Apr Crime and Security Concerns During the COVID 19 Pandemic
Matthew 0 1056
During this unprecedented COVID19 crisis, the UK government has intensified its efforts to combat the spread of Coronavirus.  British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the strictest curbs on life in the UK during peacetime.  This followed the adoption of emergency legislation to slow the spread of the virus, by getting people to work from home and only going out for essentials.  With people working at home or self isolating to protect themselves or the vulnerable, this has meant that busine..
27 Mar Wind Rated Roller Shutters When Storms Hit Britain
Matthew 0 1774
2020 started by some of the worst storms to hit the UK since 2013.  There was storm Brendan in January, at the beginning of February the UK and Ireland were under siege by Storm Dennis, then Ciara and at the end of February 2020 we were being hit by storm Jorge.   These storms brought wind speeds up to 100mph and some of the wettest months since records began. Our customers were affected by the storms, which usually results in Roller Shutters blown out of the guides.   By purchasing the right pr..
25 Mar Kitchen Roller Shutter
Matthew 0 3835
Are you looking for a Roller Shutter for your Kitchen Servery?  Our sales team gets regular calls asking for advice on Roller Shutters for Kitchen Serveries.  The big question we ask our customers, "Do you need the Roller Shutter Fire Rated or Non Fire Rated?"   This question can only be answered by an Architect, Building Control or a Fire Officer.  There are strict guidelines which determine if the shutter needs to be fire rated and requires the expertise of these people, to decide on the req..
29 Jan Warehouse Shutter Doors  For Security
Tristar 0 3033
Before you look into physical security for your warehouse doors or your factory. It's important to establish the value of the stock to be protected at any one time & how interested potential burglars would be in breaking and entering to steal your goods & what type of tools they may use to obtain access.All of our warehouse shutter doors are rated in a system whereby they are able to protect your property by preventing break in with certain pressure and tools. For example a lower level securit..
10 Jan Industrial Roller Shutter Doors
Matthew 0 2062
Industrial roller shutter doors are one of the most effective security measures for industrial buildings. They are durable, versatile and provide protection against exterior damage and item theft. At Security Direct UK, we supply a variety of industrial roller shutter doors that come in a range of shapes and sizes. All our industrial roller doors can be fitted in spaces such as loading bays, warehouses, car parks and agricultural premises. Whether you are looking for  insulated or non-insulated ..
06 Dec Christmas Burglary Prevention
Matthew 0 2334
Security at Christmas Don't let thieves steal your Christmas. Make sure Santa is the only person sneaking into your home this Christmas by reading some burglary facts and following our advice.As Christmas approaches, homes will be filling up with gifts and gadgets. Just as much as you are looking forward to giving and receiving gifts, burglars are looking to steal them from you.  Generally, there is a 25% increase in burglaries in December, which is down to homes been filled with expensive goo..
30 Aug Roller Shutters For Doors
Matthew 0 1591
When it comes to protecting valuable items, the right security shutters  can make a world of difference. You might consider installing roller shutters to safeguard your property and the items within. At Security UK Direct, we specialise in providing a type of roller shutter that is suitable for existing buildings and new builds. Our built-in lintel roller shutters provide enhanced security and an unobtrusive design. So, whether you are looking to install a shutter in a commercial or residential ..
07 Aug Domestic Roller Security Shutters
Matthew 0 1832
Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home. It is natural to want extra protection to ensure that your property is protected against theft or damage. That’s why it can be helpful to invest in domestic security shutters. At Security UK Direct, we offer an extensive collection of domestic security shutters that are ideal for houses, flats and apartment buildings. So, whether you are interested in residential  or insulated domestic shutters, we can accommodate your preferences. What kind of prop..
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