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10 Jan Industrial Roller Shutter Doors
Matthew 0 317
Industrial roller shutter doors are one of the most effective security measures for industrial buildings. They are durable, versatile and provide protection against exterior damage and item theft. At Security Direct UK, we supply a variety of industrial roller shutter doors that come in a range of shapes and sizes. All our industrial roller doors can be fitted in spaces such as loading bays, warehouses, car parks and agricultural premises. Whether you are looking for insulated or non-insulated p..
06 Dec Christmas Burglary
Matthew 0 1682
Security at Christmas Don't let thieves steal your Christmas. Make sure Santa is the only person sneaking into your home this Christmas by reading some burglary facts and following our advice. As Christmas approaches, homes will be filling up with gifts and gadgets. Just as much as you are looking forward to giving and receiving gifts, burglars are looking to steal them from you.  Generally, there is a 25% increase in burglaries in December, which is down to homes been filled with expensive goo..
30 Aug Roller Shutters For Doors
Matthew 0 718
When it comes to protecting valuable items, the right security shutters  can make a world of difference. You might consider installing roller shutters to safeguard your property and the items within. At Security UK Direct, we specialise in providing a type of roller shutter that is suitable for existing buildings and new builds. Our built-in lintel roller shutters provide enhanced security and an unobtrusive design. So, whether you are looking to install a shutter in a commercial or residential ..
07 Aug Domestic Security Shutters
Matthew 0 1105
Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home. It is natural to want extra protection to ensure that your property is protected against theft or damage. That’s why it can be helpful to invest in domestic security shutters. At Security UK Direct, we offer an extensive collection of domestic security shutters that are ideal for houses, flats and apartment buildings. So, whether you are interested in residential or insulated domestic shutters, we can accommodate your preferences. What kind of prope..
30 Jul Roller Shutter Doors
Matthew 0 789
When it comes to protecting valuable possessions, security is of the utmost importance. If you have ever worried that locking your doors and windows isn’t enough protection, then it is a natural reaction. At Security Direct UK, we provide a range of roller shutter doors that are designed to add an extra level of defence. Each door has been created with the purpose of bringing you peace of mind. What are the advantages of roller shutter doors? ·         They provide extra security ·         O..
17 Jul Fire Shutters
Matthew 0 736
A fire is one of the most common safety hazards for commercial and industries premises. Therefore, it’s imperative that you take measures to prevent a fire from spreading and to protect your property against damage. At Security UK Direct, we provide a variety of fire shutters that can act as a protective barrier against flames. Our products range from Kevlar fabric curtains to durable steel roller doors. So, whether you’re looking for kitchen, retail, warehouse, residential or school security, w..
23 May Kitchen Roller Shutter
Matthew 0 610
Are you looking for a Roller Shutter for your Kitchen Servery?   Our sales team gets regular calls asking for advice on Roller Shutters for Kitchen Serveries.  The big question we ask our customers, "Do you need the Roller Shutter Fire Rated or Non Fire Rated?"   This question can only be answered by an Architect, Building Control or a Fire Officer.  There are strict guidelines which determine if the shutter needs to be fire rated and requires the expertise of these people, to decide on the req..
20 Dec Electric Shop Shutters
Matthew 0 389
Electric Shop Shutters After a long day at work, the last thing you want is to spend the entire evening worrying whether your store or business is safe. You want to be able to leave at the end of the day knowing that your livelihood and means of income are protected. A great way to ensure this is to install electric shop shutters. While relatively inexpensive, they provide an extra level of security and peace of mind that a basic door and lock simply cannot offer. Great ranges and choice S..
20 Dec How to Secure your Garage
Matthew 0 358
How to Secure your Garage With theft and burglary a common occurrence, it’s important that you keep your home or business safe by securing your garage. Whether a storage facility, a place to keep your car, or even an additional access point to the inside, following these tips can help you ensure that your garage is not a weak point of security on your property.   Install an Alarm System A home security system is a sure-fire way to deter burglars either when they see it or prompt it to go o..
26 Sep Top 10 Tips to Prevent Burglary
Matthew 0 814
When it comes to protecting your home, business, and belongings, you can never be too cautious or careful. It’s a sad fact that burglary is still rampant in our society, and it can be especially difficult for business owners, who leave their properties each day with all the tools they need for their livelihood inside. With this concern, how can you keep your home safe from thieves? Here are 10 top tips for protecting your property.   Keep expensive items out of sight Thieves might be less lik..
09 Jul No Job Too Big
Matthew 0 553
At Security Direct, we’re often called upon to supply one single fire door or to install a set of roller shutters over the weakest point in a location’s security. However, that’s far from all we can do.   It’s a proud boast of ours that no job is too big, and that we can provide major industrial locations with the same level of all-round security we offer to much smaller businesses.   Steps to a Safer Location It’s our proud boast that no job is too big. But one thing we’ve found is that th..
21 May Kitchen Shutters
Matthew 0 710
Kitchen Shutters Internal shutters have become an essential part of security (and even physical safety) for many businesses in the catering field. This is especially important for bars and restaurants or cafes where the preparation areas are visible to the customer, as customer areas tend to be harder to secure.   Security & Safety in the Food Industry   A second line of security comes highly recommended. Our internal shutters are designed for bars and other serveries. We provide a variet..
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