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Rolls Royce - Derby

canteen shutters for Rolls Royce Derby

Rolls Royce - Derby requested that a Punched & Glazed Roller Shutter be fitted to Canteen Area.

This was to prevent staff helping themselves, when the canteen is unmanned.

Provides Vision and has the Polycarbonate Inserts for added security.

Security Direct install roller shutters &  industrial doors at a number of retail premises, giving business owners added peace of mind as well as an aesthetically pleasing product unobtrusive enough to reflect their brand through.
The engineering giant first announced in June that it wanted to build the new test bed at Derby revealing that, if planning permission was granted, it would secure the future of the site for the next 30 years as well as 6,000 jobs.
The company then submitted a planning application to the city council at the end of August 2017, when this was accepted building work began.

The new test bed, which could take two years to build, will be constructed on a car park in Wilmore Road, with two existing test beds - called Test Bed 57 and 58 - on one side and the firm’s Production Test Facility on the other.

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