Flexible High Speed Door

Flexible High Speed Door

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The High Speed Doors are usually fitted over high traffic volume applications to reduce the temperature loss through the open doors.
Security Level
LOW Security  
Common Use
A popular choice for Warehouses, Cold Stores, Clean Rooms, Stores, Preparation Rooms, Hospitals
Benefit of Product
High Speed and reduces Heat Loss
Types of Operation
3 Phase High Usage Motors

Max Opening Speed 
Varies Depending on Model - 1.2 - 2.5 meters per second
Max Closing Speed
0.5 meters per second

Flexible Fabric
Maximum Width
10000 mm 
Maximum Height
6000 mm
Wind Loading (EN 12424)
Up to Class 3 - 115km/h

Galvanised finish on Shutter Parts  Curtain is available in a range of Standard Colours.

    Limited Side Room     
  • For logistic areas and supermarkets
  • Internal Use Only
  • Tube Motor - ideal for limited side space
  • Max Width - 2750mm
  • Max Height  - 3000mm
  • Max Opening Speed - 1.5m/sec
  • Max Closing Speed - 0.8m/sec

    General Purpose    
  • For logistic areas and supermarkets
  • Internal Use Only
  • 3 Phase Direct Drive Motor
  • Anti Crash Soft Edge Technology
  • Max Width - 5000mm
  • Max Height  - 5000mm
  • Max Opening Speed - 1.5m/sec
  • Max Closing Speed - 0.8m/sec

    External Fitting    
  • For logistic areas and supermarkets
  • Internal or External Use
  • 3 Phase Direct Drive Motor
  • Max Width - 10000mm
  • Max Height  - 6250mm
  • Max Opening Speed - 0.8m/sec
  • Max Closing Speed - 0.4m/sec
  • Wind Loading - Class 3 - 115km/h 

    Cold Stores    
  • For Cold Stores and Deep Freeze Stores
  • Internal Use Only
  • Insulated Curtains - 0.3 and 1.2W/(m2k)
  • 3 Phase Direct Drive Motor
  • Max Width - 4000mm
  • Max Height  - 4500mm
  • Max Opening Speed - 1.5m/sec
  • Max Closing Speed - 0.5m/sec

    Food Industry and Wet Areas    
  • For Food Preparation and Wet Areas
  • Internal Use Only
  • Easy Clean Stainless Steel
  • 3 Phase Direct Drive Motor
  • Max Width - 2500mm
  • Max Height  - 3000mm
  • Max Opening Speed - 2m/sec
  • Max Closing Speed - 0.8m/sec


Operated with a High Speed, High Usage 3 Phase 415V Direct Drive Motor with Emergency Hand Chain Override.

The safety light grille monitors the closing zone of the door up to a height of 2500mm.  A closing edge safety device is not required.  Fitting in the frame also reduces the risk of collision damage.


The High Speed Doors come with a frequency converter control as standard - for fast, safe and low wear door travel.   High Opening and Closing speeds help you to optimise your operations and reduce heat losses and draughts at the workplace.  In addition, it relieved the entire door mechanism through smooth starting and braking action which considerably extends the life of the door.


No Downtimes resulting from a crush thanks to the Soft Edge Bottom Profile.   The innovative Softedge door technology prevents damages and resulting downtime on the door system.  Extensive repairs, such as those with rigid bottom profiles, do  not become necessary.  SoftEdge ensures trouble free operation and production process.

Radio Crash Switch is concealed in the SoftEdge bottom profile.  If the bottom profile is pushed out of the side guides by a crash, the radio crash switch transmits a signal to the control and the door is stopped immediately.  Thanks to this technology, the door can be operated for up to 3 years without the need for maintenance.



The Door Laths come as standard in White Aluminum Finish (RAL9006).   Other colours are available at an extra cost and extended lead time.


Our Standard the finish on the Shutter Parts is Galvanised. 




Security Level - Medium

Medium Security product which ideal for when a visual or physical barrier is required

Product Benefits

Provides a Thermal break and allows quick entry and exit in a safe and controlled manner.


Warehouses, Loading Bays, Farm Buildings, Air Craft Hangers

Sizes Available

ELECTRIC OPERATION -                                       
WIDTH -  1000mm - 6000mm   
             HEIGHT -  1000mm - 5000mm

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