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Rated Products

We have a range of Independently Tested products.

Security Rated Products -  
LPCB - The Loss Prevention Standards, developed by the loss prevention certification board LPCB, addresses risk not otherwise covered by existing national and international standards and codes. They are drafted by teams of experts, and are reviewed and endorsed by independent stakeholders representing major interest groups.    They test products using a certain set of tools, over a set period of time.   The more powerful the set of tools and longer time it takes to penertrate the product, the higher the Security Rating.

Fire Rated Products - 
Fire protection doors and shutters offer an exceptionally high standard of specification, performance and protection for your premises. The range includes fire protection shutters, steel doors and fire curtains.  Security Direct fire protection systems can protect your commercial and industrial premises by providing an effective barrier against fire.  With varying fire protection levels from 60 minutes to 4 hours, we can provide the defence you need for your property.  Integration into existing fire protections systems is available.

Wind Rated Products - 
So what is the wind testing about? It is basically all about having a product that when fitted into an opening has a minimum wind loading resistance that has been tested and approved with a maximum size stipulated.    As of July 2013, to comply with the Construction Products Directive, all shutters which are manufactured for installation over doorways must be tested by a notified test body for their wind loading capability, as per BS EN 12424 and BS 12444.  For doors fitted on to an external facade they must reach a minimum of Wind Class 2 or 59mph winds.   During testing both sides of the curtain must be tested.

Acoustic Rated Products - 
Our high performance acoustic door range is a premium steel door with the best in sound insulation and acoustic properties.  For any building with machinery or other noisy environment, these quality UK-made doors provide optimum comfort to building users and occupiers. Steel security and acoustic doors for any commercial or public buildings.   Our steel acoustic doors are designed for internal or external use. We provide personnel doors, fire doors, emergency exit doors and high security options.

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