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Other Security Products

Our other Security Products include Shed Security Bars, Fixed Security Spike and Rotary Spike.

The robust spikes can be easily fitted to walls roofs or fencing. The Fixed Spike comes in 1.5 metre lengths and 110mm high.   The Fixed Spike is extremely aggressive to prevent people from getting over it to gain illegal access or to steal the lead. The spikes are..
From only £84.00
The Rotary spike is basically two lengths of the 110mm spike welded back to back on a round tube.    The robust spikes can be easily fitted to walls roofs or fencing using the Rotary brackets. The Rotary Spike comes in 3 metre lengths and is for higher security applicat..
From only £151.00
The high security Shed bar is fitted on a central pivot and rotates into "U" brackets fitted to each side of the door frame, then padlocked into position. The shed bar is locked at both sides for extra security.   Protects Single or Double Shed doors and other Flat Faced Doors. Prov..
From only £109.00
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