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No Safety - Hold to Run

These remote control units don't have any safety devices and designed for window openings.   As there is no safety devices, the operator MUST be in sight of the shutter when operating, this is to ensure there are no obstructions ie; open window or other obstructions.   The Remote Control units with NO Safety are "Hold to Run" operation, which means you have to keep your finger pressed on the button at all times to open and close the shutter.   As soon as you take your finger off the button, the shutter will stop.   

If you require any advice on Remote Control Units, then please contact our Sales Team.

The NVM Remote Control Unit is basic remote control unit with no safety devices.  This is only suitable for WIndow openings and the switches will be on "Hold to Run".Product Benefits​Plug in terminalsAccepts up to 20 Fob HandsetsSupplied with 2 x NT1016 KeyFob TransmittersSuitable for Motors wi..
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The Remote Control unit which will operate up to 4 shutters.  There is no safety devices available on this product and is only suitable for Window openings.Product BenefitsUp to 4 shutters per unitUnits can be linked togetherSingle Phase Tube Motors up to 230NMStandard and Volt Free Switch opti..
From only £159.11
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