LPS 2081 Security Rating

LPS 2081 Security Rating

The BRE and Secured by Design have created a new standard – LPS 2081 – which sits between LPS 1175 Rating 2 and Secured by Design PAS24. LPS 2081 specifically evaluates the resistance to unauthorised access by various physical security products when targeted by intruders using stealth. The standard specifies two grades of security relating to the tools used and the time taken by intruders where they want to avoid making any significant noise. The noise element is the main difference to this standard, which sets it apart from LPS1175 and links directly to vandalism and security. The LPS2081 standard is commonly used on our Communal Entrance doors, where vandalism is a problem on glazed doors.

What are stealth attacks?

A stealth attack is where a burglar wants to avoid making significant noise and would avoid being seen through natural surveillance. An opportunist intruder within a stealth attack would attempt to use a combination of physical bodily force, stealth and a selection of tools that are easily concealed about the person in order to gain entry.

LPS 2081 and Security Performance

The tools are split into two categories:

Security rating A is the lower of the two security requirements; it involves a sustained attack on both glass, framework or mechanical fixings using hand tools for a period of up to 1 minute.

Security rating B prolongs the attack for up to 3 minutes and with an enhanced set of tools; any doors that are rewarded a security rating B can be considered a more secure product.

You can find more information about the testing on the BRE website for LPS 2081.

If you are looking for a Glazed Security Door that is tested to LPS 2081, then, please contact our sales to discuss your requirements further.