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Fire Shutter Panel - Deluxe

Fire Shutter Panel - Deluxe
Fire Shutter Panel - Deluxe

This control panel is designed for fire shutters with single phase Tubular motors.  This panel provides a lot more functions compared with the basic fire alarm relay and has Audio Visual Warning.

Product Benefits

  • Fire Alarm Interface - Open or Close 
  • Audio Visual Warning
  • Terminals for  Independent Heat Detector/Smoke Detector 
  • Time Delay Closing
  • Staged Closing
  • Fire Escape and Auto Close facility
  • Slave Panel available
  • Compatible with the Battery Backup Units (Need Interface Card)

Fire Alarm Interface Card
If you using the Battery Backup, then you will need this fire alarm interface card.  This simply pushes into the back of the Battery Backup and provides terminals for the Fire Alarm.

Emergency Escape Facility
If the shutter is fitted over a doorway then we suggest the emergency escape facility is included.  If the Fire Shutter closes and someone gets trapped behind the shutter, they can simply press the emergency escape button, which will raise the shutter and the control unit will automatically close the shutter after a set time.

Slave Panel
The slave panel connects into the Main Control Panel and allows the Audio Visual Warning on both sides of the opening.

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Deluxe Fire Control Panel with Audio Visual Warning £412.00
Deluxe Fire Control Panel with Audio Visual Warning and Emergency Exit £412.00
Deluxe Slave Panel with Audio Visual Warning £128.00
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