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Built In Roller Shutters

Building a new home?   Why not build the roller shutters into the fabric of your building, so there is no shutter box and guides visible.

The Built In Roller Shutter provides maximum security, minimal visual appearance and complies to the latest building regulations.   The in built roller shutter is concealed within the fabric of the building.   In the raised position, the shutter is completely hidden from view, ensuring the clean lines of the opening are retained. In the closed position, it ensures complete physical security, as the absence of visible guide rails or boxes limits the number of areas that would otherwise be vulnerable to attack.

Installing roller shutters at the build stage provides enhanced security and a discreet, unobtrusive design without having to compromise on features or accessories. Enjoy all the benefits of a roller shutter but without the visual impact associated with traditional built-on designs.   The system is popular on new-builds but is also suitable for installation on existing buildings. 

The lintel and cavity closer elements of the concealed roller shutter system are installed in the traditional manner at the time of build. The system addresses the standard areas of lintel design, such as structural load-bearing, damp proofing and cold bridging, but has the added benefit of housing an integrated shutter when required. The shutter curtain is installed later on in the construction process.

The built in roller shutter system is available in 3 different Security Levels, depending on your buildings security risks.  We have two versions of the system that are tested by the LPCB to LPS1175 Security Levels 2 and 3.   These security rated products are Secured By Design, which is the preferred specification by the Police, Insurance Companies and Planning departments.

Our built in roller shutters systems offer a large range of bespoke solutions, including arched or curved openings and powder coating and BS or RAL colour to compliment the buildings colour scheme.  We also have a large range of control options including Grouped Operation, Wireless Operation or integrated into the building management system. 

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