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1100VA Battery Backup Unit

1100VA Battery Backup Unit
1100VA Battery Backup Unit

Our 1100VA Battery Backup Units are only suitable for single phase Tubular motors and shutters up to 15m2.    When the mains power fails, the battery backup will automatically kick in and the shutter can be opened or closed for 3-4 cycles.   Ideal for Commercial Roller Shutters,  Fire Shutters or when a Manual Override is not convenient.

The Battery Backup unit is designed to work with the Pro Mate Controller and Key Switch.   If used with a remote control unit, then a wake up switch will be required to wake up the battery backup and then the remote control unit can be used.

Product Benefits

  • LCD Display
  • Battery Charge Status
  • Power remaining in Mins
  • Self Check alerts when the batteries need to be changed
  • Display Input from the Mains - Voltage, Frequency and Power from shutter
  • Plug and Play
  • 880 Watts - Suitable for shutters up to 15m2.
  • If used on a Fire Shutter, the Battery will fail safe (Closed)
  • Battery Cells can be easily replaced without replacing the whole unit
  • Fire Alarm Interface card available

Pro Mate Controller 
When using a Battery Backup, it will need to be connected into a Pro Mate Controller.  

Pro-Mate is an essential solution for fitters installing single-phase rolling shutters controlled via a key switch. Ideal applications include door and window shutters for commercial shop fronts and public buildings where Dead-Man (also known as Hold to Run) is used for closing.
Dedicated features ensure safety is maintained during the life cycle of the shutter, installation, maintenance, normal running, service and repair. Every aspect of the product has been carefully considered, it has ample room for cables, quick fit push-in and screw clamp cable restraints and clearly marked colour coded terminals to reduce installation time. There is also a facility to allow the motor direction to be swapped without the need for reconnecting cables. The default setting for Pro-Mate is Dead-Man Open and Close but Push to Run Open can be selected via DIP switch if the shutter does not contravene the requirements in EN12453 for Push to Run Open. There is also the facility to disable the external switch inputs so that a fitter can carry out routine maintenance in safety without first having to collect all the keys in or disconnect any other devices from the control unit. There are lid mounted switches to help with commissioning and allow local control as well as designated LED’s to give clear status information.

Pro Mate Controller For Rolling Shutters

Fire Alarm Interface Card
If you using the Battery Backup on a Fire Shutter and are not using a Pro Mate, then you will need this fire alarm interface card.  This simply pushes into the back of the Battery Backup and provides terminals for the Fire Alarm.

Fire Alarm Interface Card

Battery Backup Bracket
If you need to fit the battery backup to a wall, then the bracket will be required.   Comes in galvanised finish, but can be powder coated at an extra cost.

Battery Backup Bracket

LB Installation Instructions

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