Flood Doors

Flood Doors

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Doors designed and tested to protect against flooding and flood water.   The doors are Kitemarked to PAS1188-1:2009 up to 900mm High with Panic Hardware.
Security Level
HIGH Security.
Common Use
Offices, Warehouses, Store Rooms, Schools, Sub Stations and Retail applications
Benfit of Product
The Flood doors can be customised exactly to suit the flooding and security.  The doors have been tested with Fire Exit hardware. 
Turnaround between 10 and 20 days. 
Galvanised Steel / Zintec Steel / Stainless Steel

Size Paramaters - Single Doors
Minimum Width:- 500mm - Maximum Width:- 1300mm
Minimum Height:- 500mm - Maximum Height:- 2996mm

Size Paramaters - Leaf & Half / Double Doors
Minimum Width:- 1200mm - Maximum Width:- 2808
Minimum Height:- 500mm - Maximum Height:- 2996

Dependant upon Specification

Standard finish is Primed for Site finish.   The Doors can be Powder Coated at an additional cost.
Door Skin
Manufactured from 1.5 Galvanised Steel, double skinned with interlocking seams reinforced vertically with interlocking channels and horizontally with tubes to prevent twisting. Vertical Anti Twist Interlocking welded channel core spaces are filled with dense Rock Silk 45 core.  

Standard thickness is 45mm, with lipped astragal.   Minimum of 4 Reinforced, Pre Treated and Protected Grade 13 stainless steel ball bearing butt hinges (complies with EN 1935:2002)


We stock and sell a full range of locks, Panic Furniture, Door Closers, Key Code Locks, Door Stays, Monkey Tail Bolts and Shoot Bolts. 
Manufactured from 1.5mm Galvanised Steel, frame depth can vary to suit apertures with a Single rebate. The lock keeps are reinforced and fitted with fixing plates.   Minimum of 5 reinforced fixing points either side with additional 2 on the head jamb for double doors.  The door frame also comes with Steel Lined high grade water seals.

    Stock Colours   
Powder Coated primer grey as standard, other BS or RAL colours are available at an extra cost. Stock colours below. If a colour is required that is not a stock colour we can source the powder in at an extra cost. 

Security Level - High

High Security for high risk or vulnerable applications 

Product Benefits

Designed to offer protection against both flooding and unauthorised entry.

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