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Security Shutters

Do you need a Roller Shutter for Security?  We have a large range of roller shutters that can be used for securing your premises.   Our protection security shutters range from Medium Security up to Insurance Approved security shutters, which have been independently tested by the insurance companies.   We can help you select the right security shutter, based on your Risk and Budget.   If its window security shutters or security shutter doors, we have a solution.

We have a range of Steel or Aluminium security roller shutters.  Steel security shutters are usually more cost effective and most people think that steel shutters are more secure than aluminium.  This is not quite true as the majority of aluminium security shutters use a Twin Walled slat, which makes it usually twice the thickness of a steel slat.  Also, the majority of Insurance Approved shutters are aluminium and not steel. 

The security shutters are available with Solid Slats, which is the most secure and cost effective option.  We do have some security shutters which also provide vision and security.   Usually, the more vision the slat provides, the less strength it supplies.   This is not always true, as we have the stack grille which provides 80% vision and tested to LPS1175 Security Level 1.

Contact   our Sales Team today.  We can discuss your requirements, provide advice and usually get a quote to you within a few hours.

Why use the Compact Aluminium Roller Shutter?The RA4 Roller Shutter is one of our most popular roller shutters, as it uses a compact shutter box and guides, providing a neat solution.  It also provides a high level of security, using a Twin Walled aluminium laths.  Ideal for Residential, C..
From only £313.00
Why use the High Security Aluminium Roller Shutter?The RA6 Roller Shutter is based on the popular RA4 Compact Aluminium roller shutter.  The RA6 uses a slightly thicker and taller extruded aluminum lath, which allows it to span wider openings up to 6m.  It uses a compact shu..
From only £327.00
Why use the High Security Insulated Roller Shutter?The RA7701 High Security Insulated Roller Shutter has insulated laths providing Sound and Heat Insulation, with the added benefit of providing a high level of security.  Independently Tested by the LPCB to LPS1175 Security Rating Level 1 -..
From only £847.00
Why choose the High Security Metal Roller Shutter?The RS7501 High Security Metal Roller Shutter is based on the Commercial Metal Shutter with some added security features and is ideal where a higher level of security is required.  It uses the galvanised steel curtain, Box and Guides.  &nbs..
From only £513.00
Why use the High Security Industrial Roller Shutter Doors?The RS7502 High Security Industrial Roller Shutter Door is based on the popular Steel Industrial Door, but has added features for higher risk applications.  Ideal for Warehouse Doors, Industrial Units, Loading Bays, Shopping Centres and ..
From only £2,448.00
Why use the High Security Punched and Glazed Roller Shutter?The RA802 High Security Punched and Glazed Roller Shutter provides a high level of security, whilst providing 58% vision.  The RA802 lath includes the Poly-carbonate Inserts and can go up to 5000mm wide. Independently Tested by th..
From only £604.00
Why use the Punched Aluminium Roller Shutter?The RA8 Punched Aluminum Roller Shutters comes with a Punched curtain that can provide up to 58% vision and span openings up to 6m.  The punched laths can be used with Solid Laths or Polycarbonate Inserts to provide a high level of security.  &n..
From only £341.00
 Why choose the Stack Door?The Stack Door is a new type of shutter as it Stacks Vertically, rather than coiling around a barrel.   The advantage of this Stack Door is that it can cover large openings, can go around curves and corners.   It's made up of Horizontal Bars and ve..
From only £2,000.00
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