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Security Grilles Buy Online

Want to Buy a Security Grille Online?   You can purchase one of our most popular security grilles online.  Although most of our security grilels are made to measure, we have priced these security grilles on some common sizes. 

If you purchase one of these security grilles online, we will contact you and check that the product and sizes are correct, before we put anything into manufacture.

If you are not sure or have any queries then please 
Contact our Sales Team, we are happy to help you with your requirements.

 Why use the Concertina Retractable Security Grille?Concertina Retractable Security Grilles are the most popular security grilles.  They can be simply unlocked and folded back to the sides when not in use.  When they fold back the stack size is approx 15% of the overall grille width. ..
From only £211.00
Why use the Adjustable Security Window Bars?The adjustable security window bars are a quick and easy way to secure a vulnerable window.   We stock 2 sizes of Bars, which are adjustable to cover up to 2.5m openings!  These can be delivered within 1-3 working days. The inner bar is manu..
From only £23.99
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