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Security Grilles

We specialise in all types of Protection Security Grilles including Burglar Bars  Windows Bars, Folding Grilles and  Mesh .   Most common applications include Security for Windows, Doors, Patio Doors, Fire Exits and Loading Bays.  One of the UK's most trusted Suppliers and Installers of Security Grilles.   All our Security Grilles and Interior Window Security Grilles meets today’s architectural demands for aesthetics, reliability, performance and safety.   All our products are CE marked to comply with UK and EU Regulations.

The cost effective window bars can be fitted internally or externally, to secure your windows.   If you need to protect your windows from vandalism, then external window mesh guards will solve the problem.   If you don't want to see the grilles all the time, then the internal retractable security grilles simply unlock and fold back to the sides.  

For higher security applications we have some Security Grilles that have been independently tested by the LPCB to LPS1175 Security Levels 1 - 4.   These grilles are Secured By Design which is the Police and Insurance preferred specifications, so may reduce your premiums!!

Our Technical Sales Team has over 20 year’s experience.  We are committed to offering the best advice on which Security Grilles provide the best Solution to meet your requirements and budget.   All of our products are available Supply Only which can save you money, OR, alternatively, we provide a Nationwide Installation service.

Do you require more information to help you select the right security grille?  You can read more information on our Security Grille Buying Guide.

Why choose the Fire Exit Door Security Grille?The CS80 Fire Exit Door grille has been specially designed for vulnerable Fire Exit Doors.  Fire Exit Doors are usually very vulnerable as they usually have a push bar on the inside, that override the locking.   This is easily overcome fro..
From only £516.00
Why use the Diamond Folding Security Grille for Doors?The Diamond security grille is a Medium security grille.   Unlike other retractable grilles, the Diamond grille doesn't have a Top or Bottom Track.  The advantage of been trackless is that it folds back to the wall a..
From only £269.00
Why use the Diamond Window Security Grille?The Diamond Window Security Grille is a more decorative design, compared with straight vertical window bars.   The Diamond Lattice design gives the appearance of  "Leaded Windows".  The diamonds can be large enough to get your hand throu..
From only £177.00
Why use the Window Safety Bars?The Window Safety Bars have been specially designed for preventing children or vulnerable people from falling from low windows.   The window safety bars are fitted internally, across the front of the window or with the window recess.    The vertical..
From only £218.00
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