At Security Direct, we’re often called upon to supply one single fire door or to install a set of roller shutters over the weakest point in a location’s security. However, that’s far from all we can do.

It’s a proud boast of ours that no job is too big, and that we can provide major industrial locations with the same level of all-round security we offer to much smaller businesses.


Steps to a Safer Location

It’s our proud boast that no  job is too big. But one thing we’ve found is that the bigger the job, the less likely it is that our new customer will know everything they need when they first come to us.


That’s where our expert Sales Team can come in. We’ll listen to your situation and ask the questions you need to know the answers to. From there we can offer you a range of suggestions depending on your budget, your priority, and any new security holes we’ve identified.

Once your order is officially placed, we can get the ball rolling. We can supply many ‘stock’ items with almost no delay. However, the bigger the premises, the more likely it is that one or more opening won’t be at a stock scale.

Our team will get started customising the products you need to the dimensions they’ll have to cover. This takes a few days longer, but you can still expect delivery to be complete faster than many of our competitors.

You’ll soon have everything you need to get the system up and running.

Why not get started? Contact us today.