Pokémon. You’ve gotta catch them all, right? But what if your home has been granted the ‘honour’ of popping up on the in-game map as a Pokestop or even a gym? This means a gaggle of kids and mid-20 somethings are going to gather outside on your front lawn, in an attempt to battle and catch their weird pocket monsters.

But don’t worry, here at Security Direct, we’ve got you covered with a whole manner of deterrents to protect your home from the onslaught of crazed Pokémon Go-ers, trying to catch a Pikachu – or enough Magikarps to transform it into a Gyarados. Yeah, good luck with that guys.

From steel doors to security shutters your property out with some of these and feel safe inside your fortress, laughing maniacally while you watch their frustration at being unable to capture a Blastoise that’s hanging out in your back garden pond.