How Roller Shutters Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

With fluctuating energy bills and every other letter coming through the door telling us about price hikes, it’s time to start saving as much energy as much as we can at work. An easy way to start is by keeping as much heat in - or in the summer months, out – as possible.

Most buildings have ‘weak spots’ - points where heat exchange is easiest - at doors and at window seals which typically allow heat or cold air to escape.

According to the National Insulation Association, a massive 66% of heat loss on average is through uninsulated solid walls and a further 20% through windows and doors. In businesses, especially with temperature-controlled premises such as food production warehouses, costs can be cut massively be reducing heat exchange points rather than relying on air conditioning.

Equally, temperatures should be maintained in business premises that make it comfortable for the employees inside. Chances are that if it’s too hot or cold then staff productivity and performance will begin to decline.

Physical Solutions – Roller Shutters

Insulated roller shutter doors can insulate heat and reduce sound for homes and businesses. They can be installed on loading bays, double or single doors, domestic or shop windows,  industrial warehouse doors and bars. Options include manual or electrical operation and they’re available in a wide range of colours and styles to match the rest of the property.

In addition to stabilising your premises’ temperature, these shutters provide improved security and, due to their density, noise reduction.

With so much focus on how environmentally friendly businesses should be these days, it's important that you consider all your options when it comes to saving energy. Security Direct have got you covered - roller shutters are a straightforward, long lasting and efficient alternative to expensive energy solutions that also provides better security.