Industrial roller shutter doors are one of the most effective security measures for industrial buildings. They are durable, versatile and provide protection against exterior damage and item theft.

At Security Direct UK, we supply a variety of industrial roller shutter doors that come in a range of shapes and sizes. All our industrial roller doors can be fitted in spaces such as loading bays, warehouses, car parks and agricultural premises.

Whether you are looking for  insulated or non-insulated products, each industrial roller door can be customised to meet your preferences.

What kind of industrial roller shutter doors are available?

 Insulated industrial roller shutter doors – These steel doors provide thermal and acoustic insulation.

Non-insulated roller shutter doors – Traditional single skin shutters that are strong and hard-wearing.

High-speed industrial roller shutter doors – Shutters that are designed to open and close quickly.

Manual chain operation shutters – Doors that use a steel chain pulley system. Suitable for properties with a low electrical supply e.g. farm buildings.

Sectional industrial shutters – Composite panel doors that provide heat and sound insulation.

Security Shutters -  Insurance Approved roller shutter security doors which have been independently tested by the insurance companies. 

What type of industrial roller shutter door do you recommend? 

 When it comes to choosing an industrial roller shutter door, it’s important to consider the kind of features that you are looking for.

Insulated roller shutters

 Our insulated collection is ideal for locations that involve temperature control. Made from steel, our insulated shutters feature fine-poured PU rigid foam and sealing technology. This ensures efficient thermal protection and noise reduction from outside and inside the premises.

We’d recommend the RSI100insulated industrial doors because of their durability. The product is fitted with double skin steel laths and features anti-vandal wind locks for added protection.

Non-insulated roller shutters

 Our non-insulated roller doors are suitable for several locations, which include warehouses and industrial units.

From the non-insulated collection, we’d recommend purchasing the RS7502 industrial door  because of how cost-effective and study it is. Available with single and 3 phase industrial motors, the door can cover large openings.

High-speed industrial shutters

 We supply two types of high-speed industrial doors. The roller shutter range allows for quick opening and closing, while the curtains option can be used to protect against thermal change from room to room.

A popular choice is the high-speed insulated roller door that can be utilised in warehouses and distribution depots. In addition to the fast opening and closing mechanism, the door provides easy access for vehicles.

Manual chain industrial roller shutters

 Manual chain operated shutters are suitable for locations that have a low electricity supply. If you are working on a property like a farm or air hanger, then we would recommend the manual chain operated roller shutter doors. Durable and cost-effective, the shutters don’t require any electrical power to be activated.

Industrial security solutions

 At Security Direct UK, we are dedicated to supplying high-calibre security solutions. Our range of industrial roller shutter doors are designed to fit any budget or customer preference. For more information on how we can help, please get in touch via the contact form.