Being based from our Head Office in Yorkshire, we have seen a large amount of flooding & have had friends affected too. We visited Scotland over New Year & viewed the turmoil in astonishment there. What I personally find overwhelming is that our Government knows the weak spots of Britain's Rivers, from the extensive reporting carried out by the Environment Agency, But refuses to spend enough, In my view on this issue. Even though it's a gradually worsening year on year for the country as a whole. Take this caption from a local Newspaper...

"A £3.3m grant has been approved by the government to rebuild the badly-damaged road bridge in the centre of Tadcaster.

The 18th Century bridge over the River Wharfe was damaged in flooding and could take up to 12 months to repair, leaving the town separated.

The Department for Transport will also fund the provision of a temporary £300,000 footbridge at the site. 

The government's Flood Envoy, Yorkshire MP Robert Goodwill, said the bridge was "a national priority".

A bus has been transporting people from one side of the river to the other after the bridge remained closed.

Shops and businesses in the town were badly affected by floods after river levels rose following heavy rain on 26 December."

£3.3m.... Wouldn't it have been better on spending that 3.3m, taking the necessary action to prevent issues like this happening in the first place?

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