Burglary across the UK - see's in excess of 30,000 reported burglary & robbery crimes every month. Naturally different areas may suffer these crimes more commonly. Across the year that equates to an average of 360,000 homes & businesses being burgled or robbed throughout the year.

The police & insurance companies have published numerous reports in previous years - enlightening the festive period as the time for increased burglary rates across the UK. Stating quotes like 'Riskmas Time' and 'Don't be a Christmas Burglary Statistic!'

These figures do not include unreported crimes and attempted burglary.

This figure has steadily increased to the figure it is now since the financial & housing market crashed back in 2007 & in our opinion will continue to steadily increase whilst homeowners and businesses continue to not defend their properties with physical security means, alarms, CCTV and other burglar deterrents!

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