Are you looking to buy a Roller Garage Door?  Had a quote for both and trying to weigh up the options?

Firstly, a look at  the two companies;


  • Manufactured in Leeds by Value Doors UK
  • Franchise around the UK
  • Drive around in vans with a Gorilla on the roof
  • Offer 2 Types of Roller Garage Doors - 55mm and 77mm Insulated Slats
  • Offer a 2 year warranty on Parts and Labour


  • Manufactured in Lancaster by SWS UK
  • Only deal with Trade Accounts
  • 25 years in the Garage Door Industry
  • Offer 4 x types of roller garage doors - Compact, LT, Classic and Excel
  • Offer a 7 year warranty on Parts, 2 year on labour


The majority of roller garage doors are manufactured using a 55mm or 78mm Aluminium slats.  The slats are filled with foam for heat and sound insulation.

The slats are held together at each end, to stop the curtain from sliding left to right.   The cheapest option is using plastic end locks that are crimped at each end and every other slat.   This is what Garolla use on both of their garage doors.  Seceuroglide only uses the plastic endlocks on the Medium Security SeceuroGlide Compact and LT. 

For the higher security Secueroglide Classic and Excel, they are fitted with a webbing strap, that is fixed to every slat.  The webbing is a lot stronger, quieter in operation and provides a higher level of security.


The roller garage door runs down some "U" channel Guide Rails at each side.  These are manufactured from extruded aluminium.  Garolla Garage Doors use a UPH240 guide rail with both the 55mm slats and 77mm slats.    SeceuroGlide Compact and LT uses the UP240 guides. 


The SeceuroGlide Classic and Excel uses the deeper 90mm guide rail.  The excel is also fitted with an additional ground fixing plate for added security.



Garolla Garage Doors use a cast aluminium endplate, which is also used on the SeceuroGlide LT.   The other SeceuroGlide roller garage doors are manufactured from steel for added strength.


All the garage doors are supplied with remote control operation, for ease of use for the home owner.  This is one of the main differences and where the likes of Garolla can cut costs and offer a cheap garage door price online.   If a roller shutter is fitted over a doorway, by LAW it must have some form of Safety Device.  This is to make sure that if the door is operated accidentally, ie; in your pocket, that it won't close down onto anyone or anything.   The 3 main types of safety devices used;

HOLD TO RUN  -  This is a cheap way of having remote control operation, as no safety devices are fitted to the door.   A basic "Hold to Run" remote control unit can cost around £30.  You must keep your finger pressed on the down button until the door closes.  This is the safety as if you remove your finger the shutter will stop.   This is not particularly user friendly, as you just want to press a button and walk away. You don't want to stand by the shutter until it's fully closed.

PHOTO ELECTRIC CELLS   - This is a basic form of safety which cost approx £60.  The Photocell sends a laser beam across the width of the shutter, which reflects back from a reflector on the opposite side.  If the beam is broken the shutter will stop automatically.   This is just one beam, on one side of the door, approx 300mm in height from the floor.  These don't protect anyone in the direct line of the closing curtain, below or above the laser beam.  They are also prone to get knocked and getting dirty.  With this safety device fitted you can have Auto Open and Auto Close, which means you only need to press the button once.

SAFETY EDGE  -  This is a rubber seal that runs along the bottom of the curtain. This is a safer but more expensive safety device - approx £200.    Inside the rubber seal is a laser beam, if the rubber hits something, the rubber compresses and cuts off the beam and the shutter stops.  It is available as wired or wireless option. With this safety device fitted you can have Auto Open and Auto Close, which means you only need to press the button once.


Garolla Garage Doors come with a 2 years parts and labour.

SecueuroGlide Compact and LT comes with a 5 Year parts warranty and 2 year labour warranty.

SeceuroGlide Classic and Excel comes with a 7 years parts warranty and 2 years labour warranty.

These will be subject to registering and an annual service.


Today Garolla Garage Doors are offering a 55m Roller Garage Door, White, Hold to Run Remote Control for £895 including VAT and Installation, normally £1354 inc VAT.  This is a very cheap price!   The Secueroglide Compact, which uses the 55m slat would cost around £1500 including VAT and fitting.  Why the big difference in cost?   How are Garolla doing it so cheap?  They simply strip away some of the expensive options ie; Safety Edge and use cheaper motors.

  • Garolla use a "Hold to Run" remote control unit - you have to keep your finger pressed to operate
  • Garolla don't use a bottom rail, they just use a slat at the bottom
  • Garolloa only offers a 2-year warranty, compared to the SecueroGlide 5 years
  • Are the extras on Garolla Garage Doors inflated or are there hidden extras?
  • SeceuroGlides are all CE marked to confirm they comply with all the latest safety regulations.  There is no mention of this on the Garolla website.


Buying a Roller Garage Door is an investment as costs a lot of money.  It's important to do your research, compare the product and features.  Price is not everything, if something is a lot cheaper, it's probably for a reason. 

If you need any help or advice in buying a Roller Garage Door, please contact our sales team on 01482 889950.