Roller shutters and commercial property insurance

Roller shutters that are rated as Insurance Tested security shutters are made of galvanised steel, and are an ideal

way to increase security ratings on commercial premises. The most obvious point of entry, such as industrialsized

garage doors, must be protected; secondary points of entry, like ground floor windows, must be protected


Insurance companies appreciate the physical and visual barriers that quality roller shutters represent. If an

insurance company does not recognise the measures taken to protect the property, move on to an insurance

broker who does, because security roller shutters are proven crime deterrents.

Security shutters are not always a measure taken by businesses in spite of falling rates of burglary and

vandalism for businesses which have invested in this type of physical security.

The best strategy for protecting a business is for busines owners to continue to implement the proven methods

that guarantee protection and give peace of mind – not to mention the possible reductions in insurance


In summary

Complete a risk assessment for the security of your property

Contact many insurance companies to obtain quotes

Correspond with competitively priced insurers and ask how security roller shutters would reduce your premium;

if you already have security shutters, enquire as to how much discount the shutters have incurred

Contact Security Direct UK to quote & carry out a site survey to your property