Lightweight Sliding Shutter

Lightweight Sliding Shutter


Widely specified for use in enclosed retail and public environments, including retail shopping centres, airport terminals, superstores, in-store concessions, countertops and bars, bank lobbies and ATM areas, kiosks, railway stations, ferries, ports, marinas, museums, schools and public buildings. In fact, wherever people and areas need to be separated by a simple, secure screen system sliding shutter.
Security Level
MEDIUM Security
Common Use
Shopping Centres, Airports, Bars, Hotels
Benefit of Product
Provides security and airflow
Maximum Width
Maximum Height
8 Kgs per square metre
Galvanised, Black, White, Medium Bronze and Light Bronze as standard.   Other colours available at an extra cost.
The top and bottom of each section is fitted with an aluminum panel 4” (102mm) high. This panel consists of an aluminum extrusion 1/16” (1,6mm) thick and composed of modules with a 15° angle between them to facilitate the operation of the closure. The curtain is constructed of vertical rods of 5/16” (8mm) in diameter. The spacing between the rods is 2-5/8” (67mm) in a brick pattern. These rods are linked together by flat horizontal bars of 1/8” x 5/8” x 6-5/8” (3mm x 16mm x 168mm). These bars are spaced vertically every 12” (305mm) by aluminum sleeves of 1/2“ (13mm) in diameter.


Manufactured from a strong tempered aluminium alloy class 6351 –T6 Extrusion, 34mm wide x 42mm total height.


Lock members are integral 50mm x 32mm standard extruded hollow posts. They are at both ends of each shutter or grille, at intervals of 2500mm maximum and at every curve (on countertops, specify at 1500mm maximum spacing).. Choose from seven different types of lock member. Lead posts incorporate Adams Rite Mortice Locks operated by 5-pin cylinders on each side. Immediate posts incorporate drop bolts locating into flush floor sockets. Drop bolts can be deadlocked with 5-pin cylinders.   


The top of alternate panels is connected into the overhead track by a suspension rod and pairs of trolley wheels. Simply pull or push the Sliding Shutter to open or close. Any length of Sliding Shutter can be manually operated by a single person.


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