X902 - Insurance Approved Level 2

X902 - Insurance Approved Level 2

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The Xonar 902 Built On Security Shutter has been tested and certified to LPS 1175 Security Level 2.   This is installed where more opportunist attacks may take place,  with tools with a high mechanical advantage (eg; SR1 tools plus bolt cutters, claw hammer and drills).
Security Level
HIGH Security - Insurance and Police Approved - Security Rating 2
Common Use
Windows and Doors for Schools, Offices and Retail applications
Benefit of Product
The Xonar902 provides a high level of security and uses a compact shutter box -  ideal for restricted headroom.   Xonar 902 comes with a unique Anti Lift Security solution, which removes the need for manual locks.
Types of Operation
Electric Operation Only
Single Phase Tube Motor
Single Phase Direct Drive Motor

Maximum Width
6000 mm 
Maximum Height
6000 mm
Powder Coated any BS or Ral Colours available at an extra cost.

The Xonar 902 laths come with a Special Anti Lift feature, which means no Bottom Lath Locks or Guide Locks.   The special anti lift device fitted between every lath, prevents the laths from been lifted upwards, even if the shutter has not been closed properly.   

The Xonar 902 is available with a Solid Twin Walled Aluminium Lath or a Single Walled Perforated Laths providing approximately 16% Vision.



Security Level - Insurance Approved

LPC Tested and Approved by the Police and Insurance Companies

Product Benefits

Tested and Certified by the LPCB to LPS1175 and is Secured By Design Approved


External Doors, Offices/Commercial, Stores, Garages, Shop Fronts, Kiosks of High Value Goods

Sizes Availble

WIDTH -   1000mm - 6000mm
             HEIGHT - 1000mm - 6000mm

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