Roller Grille Shutter - 69% Vision

Roller Grille Shutter - 69% Vision

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The RA9 Built On Security Shutter is constructed of extruded Aluminium bars and links.
Security Level
MEDIUM Security  
Common Use
Internal shopfronts, kiosks, bars and serveries as well as many other commercial applications .
Benefit of Product
The RA9 provides a very cost effective vision roller shutter for Internal use.
Types of Operation
1) Manual Spring & Lock
2) Electric
Maximum Width
5000 mm 
Maximum Height
40000 mm
6 Kgs per square metre - 150mm Spacing
7 Kgs per square metre - 75mm Spacing
Box and Guides are Powder Coated White RAL9010 or Dark Brown RAL8014 as standard, other BS or Ral Colours available at an extra cost.
Curtain is Anodised Silver as standard - powder coating in a range of RAL or BS colours available at extra cost.
Constructed from a combination of extruded Aluminium links and hinge section.  Link spacing is 150mm in line as standard, however a brick bond pattern is available at no extra charge.  75mm spacing and Solid slat profile is available at an extra charge.
Roll formed Aluminium in two sections; top and bottom boxes.  Bottom Box removable for installation and maintenance and is chamfered at 45o.  The shutter box is assembled on steel endplates.
Box Sizes
Clear opening height (to underside of box)
1600 mm  -   205 mm box
2800 mm  -   250 mm box
4000 mm  -   300 mm box
Extruded Aluminium Guides with an integral box section for reinforcement and to facilitate fixing.  High density 4 or 7mm (dependant on model) pile brush seals for quiet and smooth operation.
UPH140    60 mm wide x 27 mm deep (205 mm box only) 
UPH240    75 mm wide x 27 mm deep (250 mm or 300 mm box) 
UPH250    90 mm wide x 3 4mm deep (250 mm or 300 mm box) 

The RA9 is available both manually and electrically operated using a tubular motor inside the barrel.  The options prices are shown on your quotation which also shows the method of operation that we have included. This list shows possible options which would incur different costs.



      Roller Shutters usually installed mainly over doorways or Serveries are raised up and
      down by lifting and lowering the curtain by hand.  The roller shutter has a spring in
      the barrel which helps lifting the shutter.  As standard a central bottom lath lock is
      provided which has a key in the bottom lath and bolts shoot into the guides rails at 

      each side.  The Bottom lath lock can be operated from both sides but has a secure
      and non-secure side to the lock.  O
ptional bullet locks are available which are pins
       that go through the guide rails each side.

      ELECTRIC  - mandatory on shutters above 25kg. (N.B. minimum shutter width

      Electric shutters are usually fitted on larger openings where Manual Operation is not
      suitable or where the operator requires an easy, clean and user friendly type of
      operation.  Single phase tubular motors are enclosed within the barrel giving full
      protection from the elements.  Electric Roller Shutters can be controlled individually
      or grouped to one controller.  The controllers available include internal rocker switch,
      security key switch or Remote Control.  Manual overrides are available on Electric Roller Shutters
which allow the shutter to be operated when the power to the shutter has failed.

CURTAIN  -   Our Standard finish is Anodised Silver.  We can powder coat the Curtain any of the colours below at an extra cost.


Security Level - Medium to High Security

Medium to High Security for when you require a bit more security than just a physical barrier.

Product Benefits

Cost effective vision shutter, Stylish Anodiesed Silver Curtain, Provided 69% Vision


Shop Fronts, Offices, Bars, Serveries and Reception Counters

Sizes Available

MANUAL OPERATION -                    ELECTRIC OPERATION -                                       
WIDTH   -  665mm - 4000mm            WIDTH -  660mm - 5000mm   
             HEIGHT  -  750mm - 2800mm           HEIGHT -  750mm - 4000mm   

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