Fire and Acoustic Rated Roller Shutters

Fire and Acoustic Rated Roller Shutters

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Our specialist Fire and Acoustic rated roller shutters have been designed to combine fire resistance with a high degree of  sound reduction.  Whilst the lath infill is primarily designed to reduce sound transmission, it also has heat radiation reducing qualities and considerably reduces the risk of combustible materials igniting on the unexposed side when compared to single skin fire shutters.
Security Level
HIGH Security  
Common Use
A popular choice for Kitchen Serveries, School Halls, Exhibition Halls, Lifts
Benefit of Product
The Fire Shutter which is insulated for Acoustic reduction and also heat radiation.
Types of Operation
Electric - Single and 3 Phase
Galvanised Steel
Maximum Width
7000 mm 
Maximum Height
7000 mm
50 Kgs per square metre
Galvanised finish.  Powder Coating a BS or Ral Colours is available at an extra cost.

Shutter curtains are constructed from 100mm high flat section continuously interlocked galvanised steel laths which are securely held in place by steel end locks. Each lath is infilled with fire resisting acoustic material and a steel bottom rail is fitted at the base.

Prime painted mild steel of appropriate thickness relative to door size and supplied with angles for fixing to the structure.
The barrel is constructed from seamless steel tube of adequate diameter to resist deflection and held in bearings or cups attached to the endplates.
A galvanised steel coil casing is supplied to maintain the fire seal at the head.
Vertical guides are formed from galvanised steel channels and are supplied with suitable angles for fixing to the structure.


All shutters are electrically operated and have adjustable limit switches incorporated to stop the shutter at the end of each travel. Smaller shutters (typically for servery counters) are supplied with a single phase tubular
motor with larger units being driven by the highly reliable Speedsafe motor which allows gravity failsafe closure in fire conditions via a fusible link or auto reset solenoid or magnet. The largest shutters are supplied with a 3
phase geared motor which requires a maintained AC supply if the door is required to self-close.

Standard controls are open/close/stop buttons with other options available:

• Keyswitches
• Fusible links
• Auto reset solenoids
• Auto reset magnets
• Polyester powder coated finish
• 32dB version
• Safety photocells

Generally galvanised with non-galvanised parts prime painted.
Polyester powder coating to the external face / white plastisol to the internal face in a range of colours is available at extra cost.

Security Level - High

High Security for high risk or vulnerable applications 

Product Benefits

Tested and Approved to Fire Standards BS476 and BS EN 1634


Kitchen Serveries, Reception Counters, Room Seperation, Stores

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