Commercial Built In Shutter System

Commercial Built In Shutter System

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For maximum security and minimal visual appearance, Seceuro Lintel is a roller shutter contained within a structural lintel and conforms to the latest building regulations. 

Installing roller shutters at the build stage provides enhanced security and a discreet, unobtrusive design without having to compromise on features or accessories. Enjoy all the benefits of a roller shutter but without the visual impact associated with traditional built-on designs.  The system is popular on new-builds but is also suitable for installation on existing buildings.

What’s more, you can select from a wide range of colours to ensure that your shutters blend in with the aesthetic of your business.

To find out if these shutters are the best solution for your needs – and what we recommend instead if not - please contact us
Security Level
HIGH Security  
Common Use
Windows and Doors for Residential, Schools, Offices, Retail and Sports Centres
Benefit of Product
The Built In Shutter System is secure, as only the curtain is visible from the outside.  Its very neat as the Box and Guides are built into the fabric of the building.
Types of Operation
Single Phase (240V) Electric
Maximum Width
5900 mm  - Single Span
8000mm - Multiple Openings
Maximum Height
4000 mm
8 Kgs per square metre
Curtain and Guides - Powder Coated White, Brown, Black or Cream as standard, other BS or Ral Colours available at an extra cost.
Lintel -  Galvanised


The Solid RA4 Lath is a 40mm high, double skin extruded Aluminium non vented slat fitted with anti vandal wind locks.   The solid lath goes up to 4m wide. The RA4 Punched and Perforated Laths are Single Skin, available at an additional cost and are only available up to 3m wide.


The Solid RA6 Lath is 60mm high, double skin extruded Aluminium Lath is for larger openings up to 6m wide.




      ELECTRIC  - mandatory on shutters above 25kg. (N.B. minimum shutter width

      Electric shutters are usually fitted on larger openings where Manual Operation is not
      suitable or where the operator requires an easy,
clean and user friendly type of
      operation.  Single phase tubular motors are enclosed within the barrel giving full
      protection from the elements.  Electric Roller Shutters can be controlled individually
      or grouped to one controller.  The controllers available include internal rocker switch,
       security key switch or Remote Control.  Manual overrides are available on Electric 
Roller Shutters which allows the shutter to be operated when the power to the shutter has failed.


We also have a Range of Remote Control Motors and Wireless Controls using the Somfy RTS Range -



Security Level - High

High Security for high risk or vulnerable applications 

Product Benefits

For maximum security and minimal visual appearance.


External Doors, Offices/Commercial, Stores, Garages, Shop Fronts, Kiosks of High Value Goods

Sizes Available

ELECTRIC OPERATION -                                       
WIDTH -  660mm - 6000mm   
             HEIGHT -  1000mm - 5000mm

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