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Wind Rated - Levels 4-5

It is basically all about having a product that when fitted into an opening has a minimum wind loading resistance that has been tested and approved with a maximum size stipulated.

Class 4 which is for wind speeds of up to 88mph and there are doors at class 5 for wind speeds of 100mph.   These are especially for commercial applications installation in exposed locations.

Why choose the Industrial Steel Roller Shutters?The Galvanised Steel Industrial Roller Shutters are the most popular shutters for Industrial and Agricultural applications.   It's one of the most versatile and cost effective types of roller shutter and goes up to 7m wide and 7m high.  ..
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Why choose the High Speed Industrial Roller Shutter Doors?The High Speed Industrial Roller Shutters Doors are ideal when you are trying to reduce heat loss with a high volume of traffic going through the door.  The advantage of a High Speed Shutter over a High Speed Curtain, is the shutter can ..
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Why choose the Insulated Industrial Roller Shutter Doors?The Insulated Roller Shutters Doors are ideal when you need Heat or Sound Insulation.  The laths are manufactured using a Twin Walled steel lath, with insulation between the skins.   The insulation laths provide a higher level o..
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