Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

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Our Industrial Roller Shutters are designed for large openings, up to 7m x 7m.   The single skin steel lath is the most popular Industrial Roller Shutter Door, as its cost effective.   We have a large range of motors including Single Phase Tube Motors for light usage, Single Phase Industrial Motors for Medium Usage and the Heavy Duty 3 Phase Motors.   These roller shutters are ideal for Loading Bays, Warehouses, Factories, Agricultural Buildings and Aircraft Hangers.
Security Level
MEDIUM to HIGH Security  
Common Use
A popular choice for Hangers, Farm Building, Warehouse Doors, Loading Bays
Benefit of Product
Heavy duty and can cover large openings
Types of Operation

Chain Operation

Single Phase - 240V Motors 
Tube Motor  (Light Industrial Usage - Few operations per day) 
Industrial Motor  (Medium Industrial Usage - Several times per day)

3 Phase Operation - 415V  Motors
Standard Usage  (Heavy Duty - Up to 16 Operations per hour)
Heavy Usage (Heavy Duty - up to 40 operations per hour)
High Speed (Heavy Duty - up to 40 operations per hour)
Hazardous Environment - ATEX Approved (explosive environments)
Galvanised Steel
Maximum Width
7000 mm 
Maximum Height
7000 mm
10 Kgs per square metre - Solid Laths

Galvanised finish as standard.  Powder Coating a BS or Ral Colours is available at an extra cost.
The standard Galvanised Steel Laths are Single skin with anti vandal wind locks.  The laths are available in 22 gauge, 20 gauge and 18 gauge depending on the size of the door.

Industrial Doors come with a universal steel side end plates.  The end plates are pre-drilled for different motors and motor configurations.   As standard the shutter does not come with a Shutter Hood, this is available at an extra cost if required.

Box Sizes
This varies between 350mm - 550mm, dependent on the width of the opening, please contact us for the exact clear opening height for the particular width of shutter you require.

We have a range of guide channels, depending on the size and type of shutter will depend on the size and type of guide.   Usually there is a standard "U" Channel Guide and the option for a Wind Lock Guide for added security.


The Insulated Industrial Doors are available in Manual Chain Operation, Single (240V) or 3 Phase (415V) motors available.  This depends on the Size of the opening, the usage the door will be operated and if the shutter s face or reveal fixed.


CHAIN OPERATION  -   This is ideal when there is no power on site ie; agricultural buildings.  Chain operation is usually more expensive than an electric operation.


TUBE MOTOR  -   The motor is concealed within the Shutter Barrel and is ideal when headroom is limited.  Only used on Industrial applications where the shutter will be operated a few timer per day.  Available with a Manual Winding Handle.  Motors come with a 5 Year Manufacturers Parts Warranty.

INDUSTRIAL MOTOR  -   These motors  are design for light to medium usage ie; operated several times per day.   They can be fitted Inboard or Outboard and include a Chain Override.  They come with a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.


We mainly use GFA motors as they are well made, very reliable and easy to maintain.   We can use Ellard and Link motors if you the customer prefers.   3 Phase motors are very Heavy Duty, they allow from 10 to 40 operation per hour and they also operate at a high RPM to single phase motors.  As standard the motors come with a Chain Override.    We can get a 3 phase motor to suit most requirements, including High Usage, High Speed and Hazardous Environments.  All these motors come with a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.


Our Standard finish is Galvanised.  We can powder coat the Curtain, Box and Guides any of the colours below at an extra cost.



Security Level - Medium to High Security

Medium to High Security for when you require a bit more security than just a physical barrier.

Product Benfits

Ideal for Larger Openings ie; Hangers, Warehouses, Farm Buildings


Warehouses, Loading Bays, Farm Buildings, Air Craft Hangers

Sizes Available

SINGLE PHASE OPERATION -                    3 PHASE OPERATION -                                       
WIDTH   -  1000mm - 7000mm                     WIDTH -  1000mm - 7000mm   
             HEIGHT  -  1000mm - 5000mm                    HEIGHT -  1000mm - 7000mm

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