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NVM Remote Control for 4 Shutters

NVM Remote Control for 4 Shutters
NVM Remote Control for 4 Shutters

The Remote Control unit which will operate up to 4 shutters.  There is no safety devices available on this product and is only suitable for Window openings.

Product Benefits

  • Up to 4 shutters per unit
  • Units can be linked together
  • Single Phase Tube Motors up to 230NM
  • Standard and Volt Free Switch options
  • Option of Remote Control operation - Window Only
  • For Hold to Run operation - Remote fob required

Key Fob Transmitter
Single and Multi-Channel transmitters.

Wireless Wall Switch
The wireless switch is fitted next to each shutter and required no wiring down to the switch.  Available with Single Channel, Multi-Channel and Timer options.


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