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NVM Tube Motors

NVM Tube Motors
NVM Tube Motors

Tube Motors are an ideal solution for Roller Shutters, Shopfront Shutters, Garage Doors, Window & Door Shutters, Blinds and Awnings where the Motor fits into the main Barrel or Tube Assembly. Tube Motors from North Valley Metal are available with Manual Override or without Manual Override options. Tubular Motors with a Manual Override allow the opening or closing of the shutter when there is no power in cases of emergency, by using a Winding Handle.

NVM Tube Motors come in 4 different ranges and offer Warranties from 12 months to 5 Years.

The S Series is our premier range of tubular motors and includes 20nm, 30nm, 40nm, 50nm, 100nm, 150nm, 230nm, 300nm, 330nm and 400nm options with 50nm - 150nm in Non Manual Over-ride versions whilst all the S Series are available with Manual Over-ride.

The B Series offers a 150nm Tube Motors all with combination 70mm Octagonal and either 94mm or 97mm Round Adaptors, Manual Over-ride and both Star Bracket and Flat Fixing options. The Head is identical all B Series Motors using the unique lipped edge for the fixing plate.

The M Series is our budget range of Tubular Motors and is available in 60nm, 140nm, 180nm, 230nm and 330nm Ratings, all with Manual Over-ride and Star Bracket.

The PB Series is our Push Button Limit range of Tube Motors and is available in 30nm & 50nm Ratings, both with Manual Over-ride and Star Bracket or Flat Fixing Plate

Every motor is supplied with 1 set of Adaptors, Rigid Eye, Limit Setting Tool (excluding PB Series & NT92 motors), and either Star Bracket or Fixing Plate (excluding NT92* sizes).

Fixing Plates are available to suit NT45 and NT59 Motors

A full range of Fixing Plates & Brackets, Winding (Crank) Handles from 1200mm - 2000mm long and Rigid Eyes up to 325mm long, are also available from stock.


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NVM Tube Motors

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